2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: Broadcast Electronics

No matter what your format is, no matter how live, unpredictable or impromptu your radio station might be, you’re likely using an automation system to support your programming and deliver a quality product to listeners.

Many radio stations are currently on their second or third automation system vendor, and many of the earliest players have disappeared or diminished into irrelevance. A select few have thrived and AudioVault, from Broadcast Electronics, is the premier example of the longevity and constant innovation that goes into serving a market for nearly three decades.

Broadcast Electronics_Article 2 ImageNow shipping the latest version 10.40 Service Pack 1, AudioVault FleX reflects the reliability and powerful heritage of the original AudioVault while being a completely contemporary automation and digital audio play-out suite targeted at the needs and demands of today’s radio broadcasters with, as always, an eye towards the future.

AudioVault FleX features an attractive and functional graphic interface, in fact, two different interfaces that allow stations to choose the look they want their on-air staff to interact with. One is colorful and dynamic, while the other uses subtle gray shading with select use of color, designed to be less fatiguing for announcers having to spend a lot of time in front of the screen during live shifts and programs.

The FleX interface features a number of different tools, or ‘gadgets,’ aimed at allowing individual customization while providing a modeless display that obscures no required information from the operator. Of course, FleX includes a robust security system that gives system administrators and engineers the ability to restrict the level of customization to be allowed.

Behind the user interface is a vast array of powerful tools and operational applications including voicetracking, QuickStart instant-access audio buttons, CD ripper and audio file ingestion, inventory management, history display, web browser, audio and metadata editor and more.

A recent addition is the tight, bi-directional interface to leading music scheduling platform MusicMaster. Saving time in library management and allowing instant song substitution and additions to on-air playlists while following all station-based rules and then immediately reconciling with the MusicMaster database.

Perfect TimingTM is a new technology that combines auto-fill, auto drop and audio time squeeze and stretch to keep your station on time…all the time! It works with programming segments or hours to insure that you keep time and sound great doing it. Plus, Perfect TimingTM can work with MusicMaster to maintain your rules and your timing!

The AudioVault FleX satellite interface has also been enhanced, making it easier than ever to build a schedule clock for satellite delivered programming, with one interface for programmers and another for engineering, to insure maximum ease of use and accuracy of programming and revision of clocks. And, it works hand in hand with Perfect TimingTM to insure great sounding satellite programming.

For many stations, a centerpiece of their live operation has been BE’s AirBoss live copy management and display system. With AudioVault Flex 10.40, the live copy features of AirBoss are now a part of FleX, providing a single solution for broadcasters who do a lot of live reads and tags on-air.

AudioVault FleX also features an iOS app that can control and monitor your FleX system from virtually anywhere in the world, giving you unparalleled power in the palm of your hand.

Broadcast Electronics will be showing the latest version of AudioVault FleX at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference in March at the Lansing Center. BE has been serving the broadcast industry for over 50 years, providing tomorrow’s solutions today.

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