2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: Broadcast Electronics

If there is one thing that broadcasters must be getting tired of being told, it’s ‘you have to be digital,’ especially if that message isn’t immediately followed by ‘and here’s how to make money doing it!’

broadcast-electronics_article_image1But, being ‘digital’ is a tactic, not a strategy, so that’s why Broadcast Electronics’ Commotion platform covers so many strategic bases for today’s radio broadcasters and their listeners – both today and tomorrow. Commotion is a complete ‘digital’ solution that incorporates your digital stream, social media and mobile technology into a single, broad based revenue and social engagement strategy that enhances the listening experience and the money-making capabilities of your station. The latest version of Commotion, V3.5.3, takes the power and reach of our platform to new heights, and even greater success.

The centerpiece of Commotion is the Activity Stream. It’s a single live stream of interaction between listeners and the station, SMS messaging, now playing information, station selected Twitter feeds, station and listener provided photos and integrated advertising and promotional messaging. The station Activity Stream lives on the station web site as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps that are provided as part of Commotion, so no matter where a listener is, they can join the conversation. Some have called the Activity Stream the ‘second screen’ for radio, others call it the ‘virtual party line’ but either way, it’s the heart of the Commotion digital engagement platform.

There’s much more, though. The Commotion mobile apps also act as your streaming app for listening where radio can’t reach. Commotion interfaces with your automation system to insert advertising messages into the Activity Stream synchronized with on-air advertising. Commotion allows the Activity Stream ads to link directly to client web sites for more information or even special on-line promotions or coupons, just by clicking on the link.

Advertising in Commotion is tracked and complete reporting is also available so that clients can tract not only how many messages run and what time they run, but the click-through rate, so advertisers can see how well they work. Commotion also tracks the gateway that listeners are using to consume radio, so you can track your web site listeners as well as mobile devices, by mobile OS.

Commotion also allows stations to employ push messaging on mobile devices to receive ‘real time’ messages from the station and advertisers even when the app isn’t open. Of course, these push message subscriptions are ‘opt-in’, and since they are mobile OS based, they don’t cost listeners anything to receive them (unlike SMS messages).

Commotion is flexible and customizable and allows easy to make changes that show up in the app without having to resubmit the app to the various app stores. There is a special in-studio dashboard that makes it especially easy for station personnel to interact and operate Commotion easily without requiring a lot of additional work on their part. Station messages and advertising can be time scheduled as well, allowing you the ability to appear fresh and live even in hours where you might be voice tracked!

Commotion is more than just a mobile app…it’s a revenue generation, social engagement platform and strategy for broadcasters. Commotion is a proven moneymaker that provides increased listener engagement, which leads to longer listening and more active listening.

Broadcast Electronics will be showing the latest release of Commotion at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference in March at the Lansing Center. We invite you to see the best way to be digital…from BE.

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