2018 Regional RMT Schedules Available on the MAB Website

The 2018 Required Monthly Test (RMT) schedules for various regions of the state are now posted to  MichMAB.com as part of the website’s Emergency Alert System section.  While there are still a few outstanding schedules still remaining to be collected, most of the areas are now available here.

One change to note for 2018 is that the first of the two MSP-originated tests is being moved from March to April to coincide with the Severe Weather Awareness Week.  A waiver request is pending with the FCC to move this test from the overnight to 1 p.m. on April 11.

After some difficulties were encountered using the actual Tornado activation code (TOR) for the past two years in conjunction with Awareness Week, the State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) decided this year to instead use a RMT with special language to highlight alerts that may be transmitted by broadcasters during a severe weather emergency.

More information will be coming to broadcasters in the months to come.

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