Weekly CAP Messages From Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSPEMHSD) has moved to a new location in Dimondale.  During the move, the EMnet terminal was relocated and is not scheduled to be reinstalled for another two weeks.  You will not be receiving another weekly CAP test from MSPEMHSD until early March. Currently, the EMnet terminal at the MSPEMHSD office is the backup terminal, and all emergency messages will be sent out using the terminal at the Michigan Intelligence Operation Center (MIOC).

Please contact Alisha Clack at clack@michmab.com or 517-484-7444 if you have any questions.

FCC Letter On Way To Auction Participants

According to CommLawBlog, the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force has sent ‘First Confidential Status Letters’ (First CSL) to would-be reverse auction applicants advising them of potentially fatal incompleteness flaws in their application.  According to the Task Force’s public notice, the First CSL includes “information on the status of [the addressee’s] application, as well as the status of each station that it selected.” These assessments are based on the FCC staff’s initial review of all applications filed last month.

The letter confirms that an application is complete, including all information about each station that an applicant has put into the auction. However, it may indicate that either the application, or the showing relative to one or more specific stations, is lacking. Deadline for corrections is February 26 at 6 p.m. (EST) to fix whatever problems there might be with the application.

EMU Hires Dr. James Smith as School’s New President

Dr. James SmithEastern Michigan University (EMU) has hired Dr. James Smith as the school’s next president.

Smith has been President of Northern State University in South Dakota since 2009 and holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Miami University.

Dr. Smith stated, “Sometimes you do things, and they don’t work. And then you have to be bright enough to know when to exit. Eastern has a history of being a great teacher education counseling institution, and I will continue to give every ounce of my effort to make that happen.”

Smith will take office in July. Interim President Donald Loppnow will continue to lead EMU until then.

Michigan State Police to Issue Blue Alerts Using LEW Code

On February 1, 2016, the Michigan Blue Alert took effect.  The State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) held a meeting on December 16, 2015 and voted that for the purpose of Michigan State Police (MSP) compliance with MCL 28.697, Blue Alerts could be issued using the Law Enforcement Code (LEW) through EAS.

The Blue Alert is designed to broadcast information to the public about suspects who have severely injured or have killed a law enforcement officer. This broadcast is similar to the AMBER Alert.

In accordance with MCL 28.697, a Blue Alert will only be activated if one of the following is provided for broadcast to the public:

  • Suspect’s name
  • Detailed physical description of the suspect
  • Detailed description of the suspect’s vehicle
  • Full or partial vehicle registration plate numbers or letters

Just like all state issued emergency alerts, with the exception of FCC mandated tests, it is up to each individual station as to which FCC approved EAS codes they choose to activate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alisha Clack at clack@michmab.com or 517-484-7444.

Another Spectrum Reform Bill in the Works

Senator John Thune (R-SD), Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, released a statement that he and ranking committee member Bill Nelson (D-FL) are planning to introduce a spectrum reform bill later this week, titled ‘The Mobile Now Act,’ with the goal of improving wireless access. However, Thune’s House counterpart, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (R-MI), stated that his committee will monitor the upcoming spectrum auction before taking action on any spectrum reform legislation.  MAB is tracking.

Got an iPhone in your Pocket? Learn How to Use it to Create Video Content to Enhance your Story

Steve JulinMedia Power founder Steve Julin will be at the 2016 Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference to teach you how to use video to create and enhance your content. As the lines blur between radio and television, the one constant is the need for compelling story telling and adding video to your repertoire of essential tools.

Steve is presenting the following four sessions on Tuesday, May 3 in Lansing:

Filmmaking with the iPhone6

Apple’s line of phones has always been able to capture footage, but when the iPhone 6 was released, it changed the playing field. The new camera (that also works as a phone) can grab 1080p high-definition clips at 60 frames per second, take 240-fps slow-motion shots, shoot time lapse scenes, provide cinematic video stabilization, and even has up to 128 gigabytes of storage, which is more than enough for a short film. In this workshop, award winning filmmaker Steve Julin will share his insights after testing the camera out on a corporate video shoot.

Creative Camera Techniques

Shooting great video or film is essential to any great video production. But some times a little creativity is called for. In this workshop, seasoned filmmaker Steve Julin will share with you some innovative ways to use your camera and provide examples from his award-winning PBS series, Great Lakes ~ Great Tastes.

Tips, Tricks, Ideas, Suggestions, Secrets, Hints, and Advice for Producing Better Video Productions

Ready to take your next video production up to the next level? In this workshop you’ll learn some techniques and tools that can help you make more compelling stories for film, TV, and the web. This is not a “how to” workshop. The goal of this workshop is to share filmmaking techniques that can spice up that next corporate video or provide you with that “Ah Ha” moment for your next documentary. Feel free to bring and share some of your own tips and tricks to the session.

The Art of Interviewing for Video

Interviewing is the foundation of great storytelling, and the stories you tell are only as good as the information you get. In this workshop you’ll learn the top tips to use when conducting an on-camera interview and, most importantly, how to get the sound bites and quotes you need in the edit suite.

Click here for information and to register for GLBC. Members can register for the full day for only $159!*

*early, member rate

Traffic Director Spotlight: Jessica Boerma, WSYM-TV

Jessica BoermaJessica Boerma
WSYM-TV (Lansing)

Jessica Boerma is the Senior Traffic Coordinator at WSYM-TV Fox 47 News, where she has been for the past three years.

Q1: What is your favorite comfort food?
Jessica: Pizza

Q2: Which Superhero would you be, and why?
Jessica: Iron Man because he can fly and has awesome toys!

Q3: When I’m not working, I’d rather be…
Jessica: Outside playing with my three dogs and husband or going to car shows.

Q4: If I had the chance, I’d really like to have lunch with…
Jessica: George W. Bush

Q5: Best advice you have ever gotten?
Jessica: Be yourself, and don’t try to impress everyone around you. Not everyone is going to like you, and you’re not always going to get along with everyone you meet; so there is no point in being fake.

Q6: Tell us something about yourself that very few people know…
Jessica: I’m a sucker for biology and totally believe in ghosts and spirits.

2016 Public Media Impact Awards – Criteria and Information

2016 marks the 31st year of honoring Michigan’s public broadcasting pioneers with the 2016 Public Media Impact Awards.


·         To recognize outstanding individuals, donors, foundations and individuals involved in public broadcasting for their innovativeness, creativity, and impact on public broadcasting.

·         To inspire others involved in public broadcasting to greater achievement in the field of public radio and television.

·         To foster an exchange of innovative, creative ideas and solutions among public broadcasters.

·         To increase awareness of public broadcasting and the contributions talented individuals make to the industry statewide.


Professionals, volunteers, and donors involved in Michigan public radio or television are eligible for nomination. Nominations can be made by colleagues, supervisors, and/or station managers. Activities for which the person is nominated may be long-term, to recognize lifetime contributions to public broadcasting, or more recent, to reflect a concentrated period of achievement.

1.  The Public Media Impact Award for Donors is for individuals or foundations that have been able to support a specific project at a station, and the criteria states that there is not a required number of years of support.  This would be based on threshold of impact and importance in Public Broadcasting.

2.  The Public Media Impact Award for Professionals is opened up to all professionals working in public broadcasting.

Nomination Process

Deadline for nominations and supporting material is Tuesday, July 19, 2016. Please check the MAPB website for updates.

MABF Scholarship Deadline Extension

The MAB Foundation has extended the deadline for both the MABF station-sponsored scholarhips and the MAB Foundation Board Scholarship (Friends of Bill Burton Scholarship).  The application deadline for those scholarships is now Friday, March 25, 2016.

Click here for information on the MAB Foundation Board Scholarship.

You can find information here for the station-sponsored scholarship program. If you have any additional questions, please contact the MABF at (517)484-7444 or mabf@michmab.com.

Community Gathered for Black Panther Documentary Screening and Conversation at MSU

This past Thursday February 11, WKAR (East Lansing) hosted a community conversation around the new film “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” by award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson.

Interest in this film is very high, and all seat reservations were filled for this free event on the MSU campus.

The film tells the story of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, which sought to transform a system of racial oppression. On Sunday February 7, singer Beyoncé made news with a Super Bowl halftime performance that paid homage to the revolutionary civil rights group.

Along with a screening of the film, the evening featured discussion led by panelists Aida Cuadrado, Director of Action of Greater Lansing; Pero Dagbovie, Associate Dean and graduate school Professor in the Dept. of History at MSU; and Kelsi Horn, Vice President of Black Student Alliance at MSU.

Media were given opportunities to speak with the panelists before and after the event. Conversation throughout the evening offered insight into various views held in our community regarding the Black Panther movement of the 60s and 70s, today’s Black Lives Matter movement, and civil rights issues that affect us all.