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Busy Times for Broadcasters and the MAB

Debbie Kenyon

By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

This has been quite a year legislatively. There are attacks on FOIA, claims of “Fake News,” Performance Royalty, National Ad Tax and the Spectrum Auction. The National Association of Broadcasters has done a terrific job keeping these issues at bay and we thank them.

Did you know that the NAB is the first to admit that they depend on strong state associations like the MAB to help with the grassroots lobbying efforts? A lawmaker trusts the NAB completely, but always wants to know, “What do my local broadcasters think about this?” Enter the MAB.

The MAB is well known among the Michigan Congressional Delegation. MAB schedules individual meetings during the Call on Congress in DC, as well as in-district Congressional meetings to discuss issues identified by the NAB. Because of these meetings and the overall lobbying efforts, many of our Congressional delegation have signed the Radio Freedom Act and three have signed a letter urging Congress to continue to treat advertising as an essential business expense.

The MAB board will continue to meet one of our core missions of advocacy. We need your help to do so. In order to speak with authority for the state, we need your station to be a member of the MAB and air the Public Education Messages (PEP). Though we do not lobby with the PEP funds, it helps fund our other missions, including continuing education and training, Legal Helpline, P1 Sales, and Broadcast Compliance Service, just to name a few. To date 98% of TV stations and 76% of all radio stations in the state are members of the MAB. Lets try to make that membership 100% of all Michigan radio and television stations.

In its 68 years of existence, the MAB is one of the most respected state broadcast associations in the nation and is a model for other states. President Karole White has been at the helm of MAB for just a little less than half of that time. Along with her excellent staff she has helped the MAB board build a strong organization with ever stronger advocacy efforts and member services.

It has been my honor to serve as Chairman this year and I look forward to seeing all of you at the MAB summer Advocacy Conference and Annual Meeting August 22-23 at Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville.

Are You Doing the Same Thing the Same Old Way? Break Out!

Debbie Kenyon

By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

Break out of the old mold!  Be sure you register for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo (GLBC) March 7-8 in Lansing.

As I mentioned in the personal email I sent last week, few of us get to attend national conferences anymore.  GLBC is a moderately priced local event with a national reputation drawing some of the top speakers from around the nation on subjects of importance to our industry. You also get to see new equipment and speak with suppliers one on one.

“Reframe Your Perspective” with new, first time speakers at GLBC. Pick up new tips on doing business better. The broadcasting business has changed. Have you changed your approach? Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Attend GLBC and pick up some new ideas that you can put to work right away at your station.

The two-day conference offers special tracts for the different positions at your stations, Engineering, Sales, Production, Journalism and more. The keynote speaker is Phll Gwoke from BridgeWorks. Phil will discuss the challenges of and offer answers to managing a multi-generational work force and how to entice millennials to enter the broadcasting industry and then how to manage them once they join your team. Smart Broadcasters want to know the latest in business techniques!

Be in the know by attending GLBC.  Send your staff…and don’t forget to stay for the Legislative Reception.  Lawmakers want to meet you.

Plan to register your staff today.  Early Bird rate has been extended through this Friday, February 24.

Even if your company can’t pay for your registration, pay the moderate registration fee on your own. It may be the best personal investment you make in your career.

Have questions contact the MAB at 800.968.7622.

More information visit

Message From The Chairman

Debbie-Kenyon-2014_500By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

MAB membership is the best investment a Michigan broadcaster can make and, for the past 20 years, our Board of Directors has held the line on dues.

The challenging regulatory and legislative environment in the upcoming Congress will require a vastly expanded broadcaster presence in Washington and Lansing with all the new state lawmakers. Next year, expect a renewed and vigorous attempt to pass the Performance Tax and attacks on the deductibility of advertising dollars as a business expense on income tax returns. The MAB is often the only force fighting for you against the onslaught of state regulatory, legislative and economic pressures working against your station every day. With a full time legislature, it takes close scrutiny of almost every bill. We need to be united now more than ever to be effective.

That is why we need you to renew your valuable membership with MAB today.

Last year, we fought to protect you from many regulatory and legislative challenges to our industry, on FOIA and transparency issues that would hamstring your news room. Any one of these issues could have had a devastating effect on your business if they saw the light of day. You can be proud to know that we were successful, because of your support.

Next year, the music licensees, the artists and record labels have promised to resurrect the caustic Performance Tax, creating a serious threat to our livelihoods. RIAA and the MusicFirst Coalition along with celebrities (who we made famous) and musician unions will be mounting a very formidable campaign against broadcasters in the new Congress. This is but one example of the challenges broadcast radio and television will face in the coming year. Make no mistake; we will need to stand together and make a goal line stand if our industry is to remain viable!

On behalf of the MAB Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your continued support. You are the focus of our efforts; your success is our goal; and everyone at the MAB works hard every day to accomplish this important mission!

Once renewals are processed, you will receive a new 2017 membership decal and a new 2017 password to the members-only section of the MAB website.

Message from the Chairman

Debbie-Kenyon-2014_500By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

For my first order of business as your newly elected Chairman of the MAB Board of Directors, I would like to express my appreciation to Immediate Past Chairman Ed Fernandez, Divisional General Manager E.W. Scripps, for his leadership this past year. His work, on your behalf as members of the MAB, has helped us to align our structure to meet modern business practices and to set in motion a Future Focus Plan to ascertain the future needs of our membership and identify ways the MAB can help to fulfill those needs.

Though I am sorry that unavoidable pressing business kept me from attending the Awards Banquet with many of you, I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the award winners, Congresswoman Miller, Bucky Love, Paul Jacobs, Steve Schram, Paul W. Smith and and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Julie Koehn.

It is my pleasure to serve as your Chairman and I look forward to working with the other new officers: Peter Tanz, Midwest Communications; Gary Baxter, WSYM-TV (Lansing); and Zoe Burdine-Fly, Townsquare Media, and to speaking with each of you at future MAB events. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can serve our members best as we all face the ever-changing future of the broadcasting industry.