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MAB Brings 2017 SOS to Members

capitol3The MAB would like to thank all of our members airing Governor Rick Snyder’s 2017 State of the State Address. MAB will be on-hand uplinking the Governor’s speech and the Democratic response to both commercial and public television members in the state. The clean, unhosted feed will be in HD. Public television stations will be supplied a 90-minute hosted program, anchored by Tim Skubick.

The uplink this year is provided by Central Michigan University Public Television. MAB is grateful to WCMU-TV/Central Michigan University for providing their uplink truck, staff and technical support.

Both public and commercial radio stations in the state will be receiving a 90-minute hosted program anchored by Michigan Public Radio Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Pluta.  The MAB thanks the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters for making this program available to all stations in the state.

2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: iEEi

iEEi, International Electronic Enterprise, Inc.
, has been servicing the computer industry since 1976. We support the rich media world with our digital storage solutions.

We work with the LATEST in technology offered by manufacturers who manufacturer ground breaking products that save you TIME and MONEY. Located in Orange County, California (SO CAL), we are in a unique position to offer leading edge products to our customers. Let us give you the edge you need to be competitive. The world is flat and getting flatter every day.

We’ll be at GLBC showing Apace. With Apace you have a winning plug and play set of tested tools to consider for deployment: A single point of support for ease of use.
Apace vStor v50 series is the next generation of low latency/assured QoS Video Editing cluster ready media storage appliances offering file based editing over IP networks.

vStor is optimized for large workgroups and high resolution video editing needs. V50 series offers much higher concurrent video stream editing by introduction of SSD (Solid State Flash Drives) in support of formats such as ProRes, DnxHD, HQ and DVCPro-HD. The hybrid disk systems leverages from SSD performance drives as a deep cache paired with high capacity HDD cost advantage to address performance and capacity requirement of most demanding media uses. Linear scalability of performance and capacity is assured through a multi-system vStor cluster topology over IP networks. Each Storage cluster node offers multiple 10GE and GE connectivity.

Paired with Apace Clustering software called Cluster File Manager or CFM, multiple vStors offer scalable management of workspaces between internal system arrays and separate system storage pools. CFM based vStor clusters offer system admin based load balanced traffic optimized tools for intelligent management of editing workspaces in of support video, audio and still media needs.

The SSD based solution will run green and consume less power generating less heat in the server room. vStors can be clustered together over the 10GE and 40GE backbone to linearly scale edit in place online performance and capacity. By pairing vStor with eStor Apace Near-Line storage models, users can address their HSM tapeless workflows from ingest, edit to archive of content on vStor/eStor clustered storage server Lego building blocks.

Additionally, vStor as an advanced multi-core server with integrated file based storage, offers ideal intelligent system platform to run Apace’s global access MAM, facility wide storage consolidation, proxy encode/generation and Camera Ingest software applications. vStor loaded with Apace applications running on top of them turns the Apace storage clusters into intelligent digital libraries and further enhances user experience with their raw footage residing on Apace storage pools.

vStor continues to offer direct editing over network support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, all Avid editing, Apple Final Cut Pro/ HD, Grass Valley EDIUS/ HD, Harris Velocity Pro and Sony Vegas. Additionally, audio applications can leverage from low latency SSD. Supporting still image editing via SSD based vStor offers ideal shared storage for Photoshop, Maya and likewise graphics application. Additionally, for graphics applications in need of frame level editing and high render storage, benefit from high I/O and high sequential access traffic of vStor(s). Multiple editing workstations can simultaneously access the storage pool and share the content through ubiquitously available Ethernet. No client software/ license or special hardware needed!

The vStor product line offers deterministic latency/ jitters with guaranteed stream count for clients served over the TCP/IP networks. vStor platform offer collaborative management of media, media protection, and data sharing with other editors resulting in improved productivity. vStor series are easy to use, simple to maintain, versatile, scalable, and reliable. vStor includes system and management software, real-time optimization, fault-tolerance and RAID 5/6 implementation, built in user authentication for secure access at workspace level, integrated GUI software for user account, project, network, storage RAID. SSD option enables multi-ingest and playout streams from vStor while it is being used for editing and archive as a base of MAM engine.

Key Benefits

  • Sharing and collaboration to improve productivity and manageability.
  • Application independent support: Adobe, Avid, Apple, Grass Valley, Sony.
  • Simple, scalable and easy workflow for video and media production environment.
  • Simultaneous interoperability with all operating systems, MAC/PC and different Codecs.
  • Making content available for any desktop via Ethernet without client software/ hardware.
  • Easy and simple workspace access via “Apace Connecter.”
  • Built in system firmware for Security management at workspace and user level.

Main Features

    • Certified support for Adobe Creative Cloud/Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Anywhere.
    • Project aware support for all Avid editing, with SSD support for audio editing & Pro Tool.
    • Unlimited Linear scalability in aggregate stream count and capacity with each added vStor.
    • Support for all popular editing and stream support from DV to ProRes and DNxHD.
    • Advanced deep coaching per raid array for best performance profile.
    • Simultaneous support of Windows, Mac and Linux / Unix clients (NFS, CIFS/SMB/2/3 & AFP).
    • Easy to use integrated web-based GUI for network, disk, user & project management.
    • Logic user space partition, re-sizing and password protection for access and sharing.
    • Email and messaging notification for system status and disk failure.
    • Utilities for multiple stream capture, file sharing, project sync, backup and archive.
    • 19” rack-mount of 2U, 3U, 4U chassis with 32TB to 192TB raw capacity.
    • Multi GE and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports support standard on most SKUs.
    • Easily accessible hot swappable drives.
    • Enterprise class Fault-tolerant design, ECC registered memory, redundant hot-swap power supply, Fans. 
P/N # of video streams per

workgroup *





30 DV25/HDV



10 DNxHD or ProRes 422

145, or 7 DnxHD or ProRes 422 220

V50 series: 2U rack-mount, 32TB/64TB Raw HDD

Capacity, 8 bay x 4TB/8TB hot swappable HDDs,

single array Raid-5Dual 10GE 10Gbase-T RJ45/

backward compatible to GE, redundant power supply 












50 DV25/HDV

32 DVC-PRO-50


15 DNxHD or ProRes 145, or

12 DnxHD or ProRes 220


60 DV25/HDV,



26 DNxHD or ProRes 145, or

22 ProRes or DnxHD 220 

V50 series: 3U rack-mount, 64TB/128TB Raw HDD

Capacity 16 bay x 4TB/8TB hot swappable HDDs,

dual array RAID 5, redundant power supply, Dual

10GE 10GBase-T RJ45 ports/ backward compatible to  GE


V50 series: 3U rack-mount, 64TB/128T Raw HDD

Capacity 16 bay 4TB/8TB hot swappable HDDs & built

in deep SSD cache, dual array Raid-5, 10GE

10Gbase-T RJ45/ backward compatible to GE, redundant power supply.




98 DV25/HDV

70 DVCPRO-50


30 ProRes or DNxHD 145, or

22 ProRes or DnxHD 220

V50 SSD/HDD series: 4U rack-mount, 24 bay,

96TB/192TB Raw hot swappable HDD & built in deep

SSD Cache, Dual 10GE 10GBase-T RJ45 ports/

backward compatible to GE, Quad 10GE SFP+(SR),  redundant power supply.

* based on Apace test data


Contact iEEi for pricing
Paul Weaver, Sales: 616-929-9004 or [email protected]

We’ll see you at GLBC!


2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: ENCO

ENCO_700Founded in 1983, ENCO Systems is a world leader in playout and automation system solutions for demanding radio and television organizations. ENCO is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan and retains a worldwide distribution network. For more information, please visit:

ENCO Announces Next-Generation Automated Closed Captioning System

enCaption3R3 system adds support for captioning of pre-recorded content, removing the burden of manual intervention for broadcasters, universities and other media library owners.

With IBC2016 on the horizon, ENCO will launch the latest version of its enCaption automated closed captioning system in time for the show. Leveraging all the power of its previous-generation enCaption3 system for live speech-to-text conversion, the new enCaption3R3 addresses the underserved market for automated captioning of pre-recorded content.

The enCaption3R3 integrates a new speech engine based on deep neural network acoustic modeling that further improves accuracy, including enhanced representation of voice and punctuation for the hearing-impaired. Additionally, its file-based ingest workflow automates the process of preparing content for captioning.

When used in a live environment, captions are delivered as spoken, including accurate presentation of important news and weather bulletins. Additionally, enCaption3R3 addresses the greater challenge of correctly spelling important terms like names and local places through direct verification with news rundowns.

“Many of the inquiries we receive for enCaption have asked whether we can address pre-recorded content captioning,” said Ken Frommert, general manager, ENCO. “A large majority of live captioning is applied for news production, but, there remains a significant need for automated solutions to caption other valuable content such as movies, reruns and non-live programming. We’re giving our customers who require this a low-cost method for instant captioning, as opposed to outsourcing it to a company for manual production that takes days; or wasting valuable internal resources on a very tedious and time-consuming project.”

Outside of television, Frommert notes that organizations with large libraries of video content now have an easy-to-use toolset for putting content online – all while remaining in compliance. Since enCaption3R3 is speaker-independent, any subject can begin speaking into the system immediately and produce captions without voice training.

“A university or corporation may have 20,000 videos they want to put online, but cannot serve the hearing-impaired audience without captioning in place,” he said. “The costs and labor of doing that manually are enormous. enCaption3R3 solves the problem of achieving such a goal in a timely and compliant manner.”

enCaption3R3 joins the company’s growing portfolio of software-defined regulatory compliance tools for TV and cable broadcasters, which also includes the recently introduced AIM-100 audio insertion manager for automated text-to-speech conversion.

2017 Michigan State of the State Broadcast Feed Information

wcmu-1_300On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., Governor Rick Snyder will deliver his annual State of the State address to Michigan citizens. In response to a survey of our members, the MAB will provide live feeds for commercial TV and radio to use.

TV: MAB will uplink the State of the State address for commercial television. The feed will be a clean (unanchored) feed, in HD and closed-captioned. House TV may be including a signer for the hard of hearing on the video feed.

Central Michigan University Television (WCMU-TV) will once again uplink the event for MAB with their mobile uplink/production truck.

TV Satellite Information:

2017 Michigan State of the State Address
January 17, 2017, Tuesday

All Times Eastern Standard Time:

TEST PERIOD 1400 – 1430
TEST PERIOD 1830 – 1900

Our plan, as in years past, is to prefeed the Democratic Party response during the test periods, and again exactly 90 seconds following the Governor’s address (90 seconds after we fade to black).

Transponder time is booked until 2030.


Coordinates: G16/24K 99 degrees
Downlink: 12189.0000 Vertical

Data rate: 19,392,658
FEC: 3 / 4
Symbol rate: 14,028,731
Modulation: QPSK
MPEG-2 Profile: 4:2:0

The feed will be closed captioned.
Video is 1080i @ 59.94 Hz field rate. (29.97 Hz frame rate).
Video encoding is CBR 17.5 Mbps MPEG-2, open GOP-12, PID 0x31.
MPEG program number is 3.
Main Program Audio is in 5.1 Dolby Digital (AC3) at 384 Kbps on PID 0x34.
Main Program Audio is in 2.0 Dolby Digital (AC3) at 384bps on PID 0x35.
Main Program Audio is in 2.0 MPEG encoding at 192Kbps on PID 0x36.
5.1 audio is up-converted

RADIO: MAB will provide a radio feed for members.

This year, through the cooperation of Michigan’s Public Radio Broadcasters, the MAB is offering Michigan Public Radio Network’s (MPRN) State of the State coverage to commercial broadcasters.

The MPRN Capitol Bureau staff, along with reporters from Michigan Public Radio stations, will provide a 90-minute hosted broadcast from 7 to 8:30pm.

Commercial stations that wish to use this must air the following announcement before and after the broadcast: “Broadcast of the Governor’s State of State address is provided by Michigan Public Radio Network and this station.”

Commercial stations may pick up the feed off-air from their area FM public radio station for rebroadcast. A complete list of public radio stations airing the MPRN State of the State Broadcast is listed below.

The feed (via WKAR-FM/East Lansing) will also be available via Internet on the MAB website:

Public Radio Stations Airing MPRN Feed

Alpena – WCML-FM 91.7
Ann Arbor – WUOM-FM 91.7
Detroit – WDET-FM 101.9
East Lansing – WKAR-FM 90.5
Flint – WFUM-FM 91.1
Grand Rapids – WGVU-FM 88.5
Grand Rapids – WVGR-FM 104.1
Harbor Springs WCMW-FM 96.9
Harbor Springs WHBP-FM 90.1
Kalamazoo WMUK-FM 102.1
Manistee WLMN-FM 89.7
Marquette WNMU-FM 90.1
Mt. Pleasant WNMU-FM 89.5
Muskegon WGVS-FM 95.3
Oscoda WCMB-FM 95.7
Sault Ste. Marie WCMZ-FM 98.3
Standish WWCM-FM 96.9
Traverse City WICA-FM 91.5

This list may be updated…..please check for the latest list.

We encourage you to carry this program live on as many of your stations as possible, to stream it on your website and to promote to your audience that you will make both it, and the Democratic response, available.

ON-SITE INFORMATION: THE DEADLINE FOR PRESS CREDENTIALS HAS PASSED.  For those stations sending trucks and/or reporters, be aware that the Capitol Building will have increased security. Anyone entering the Capitol will be required to have special credentials, including news media.

TRUCK PARKING: If you will be bringing your own truck/van, you will need to arrange on-street parking adjacent to the Capitol through City of Lansing Parking Services: (517) 483-4240 or [email protected].

No cameras will be allowed in the House Chambers. The video feed will be provided by House TV. A video feed connection is available on-site for those stations who might be sending their own truck. For more information on the video (or audio) feed, contact Dave Smith, Media Operations Manager, at (517) 373-7438.

Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & EXPO Session Highlight

glbc17March 7-8, 2017
The Lansing Center
Lansing, MI

It’s that time of year again! Time for a special, exciting day when we all gather in Lansing for:

  • National caliber speakers and educational sessions;
  • Innovative technology on display in the exhibit hall;
  • Prime networking events;
  • Awards and recognition for your hard work;
  • And more!

That’s right-it’s GLBC time! The Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & EXPO is less than two months away and YOU need to make plans to attend!

Invest in yourself and your future…attend GLBC and be inspired!

Register for GLBC here.

Session: Unsung Heros of TV News
Presented by Les Rose, Professor of Practice, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication

Stations expect journalists to be multimedia. Les will you give you valuable tips on how to be multimedia including:

    • Journalists that happen to use a camera instead of a laptop.
    • Freeway Devil: Preparing the story on the way TO the story; and how to structure the story on the way there, and then adapting it to what is actually there.
    • How to turn a PR handout into a standout..
    • The ultimate baseball fan and a lesson in moments. Broken second mic was a good thing. Transitions and a “Stairway to Heaven.”
    • Multiple jump cuts are not a mistake, it’s a technique.
    • Take the “Man on the Street” off the street, and make it infinitely more powerful.
    • To get a great interview, leave the gear in the car…if only for two minutes. Really, two minutes.
    • Putting the subject(s) at ease: leave your shoes at the door, and accept the water. I’ll explain!
    • A hard news lead story shot in a day, with feature character building.
    • Everyday stories that have disabled people as sources, yet the stories aren’t about disabled people!
    • WHAT to DO and NOT to do in a fire: car engine running and parked for departure.
    • How to shoot a policeman’s funeral when they won’t let you in.



2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: iEEi

iEEi, International Electronic Enterprise, Inc.
has been servicing the computer industry since 1976. We support the rich media world with our digital storage solutions. Our customers are Broadcasters, News Production, Animation, Editing suites/studios, Post Production, Special Effects houses and HD film scanning companies worldwide. These companies find that working with our IEEI Broadcast division is a nice change from dealing with larger, numbers oriented companies. As SERVICE is a main goal, we know you need to ask a lot of questions before you make a purchase decision. We offer experience and expertise to each and every customer. We VALUE you!

We work with the LATEST in technology offered by manufacturers who manufacturer ground breaking products that save you TIME and MONEY. Located in Orange County, California (SO CAL), we are in a unique position to offer leading edge products to our customers. Let us give you the edge you need to be competitive. The world is flat and getting flatter every day.

We’ll be at GLBC showing Apace. With Apace you have a winning plug and play set of tested tools to consider for deployment: A single point of support for ease of use.

ieei-1Customers LOVE the Apace tools along with the complete support iEEi and Apace provides.

Apace 50 series – v50 vStor and e50 eStor and postMAM pm3pro+ Apace Systems has released the new 50 series, fifth generation vStor for Realtime in place editing and eStor for OnLine archiving. Now from 32TB in the 2U all the way up to 192TB in the 4U with SSD.

vStor and eStor can be coupled with the Apace software tools:

postMAM pm3pro+ A full service/automated MAM, with built in Apace Channels IP playout and review.

News – Apace Systems Corporation®, a solution provider for Adobe® video production workflows, announced availability of its advanced remote video editing workflow solution which allows video content creators to collaborate using the shared assets, regardless of where they, or the media, is located. “The Apace managed workflow connects editors and their media, regardless of location, and supports the entire production pipeline over Internet”

– Powerful index/search tool that allows for any media/files to be indexed and searched with the click of a mouse.

ODM – Off Line Disk Management is a Disk Based tool that runs on any vStor or eStor and allows for drag and drop file backup to removable 8TB hard drives.

400TB-Apace_XenData. This is a turnkey solution, including 128TB of Apace eStor NAS, 270TB XenData LTO7 with 2 x LTO7 drives, 40 x 6TB LTO7 media including Apace postMAM pm3pro+ 4 user license MAM, PM3 Mobile, Adobe Premiere Panel with 28 port 10GE switch.

Contact iEEi for pricing: Paul Weaver, Sales: 616-929-9004 [email protected].

We’ll see you at GLBC!

2017 GLBC Exhibitor Highlight: Broadcast Electronics

If there is one thing that broadcasters must be getting tired of being told, it’s ‘you have to be digital,’ especially if that message isn’t immediately followed by ‘and here’s how to make money doing it!’

broadcast-electronics_article_image1But, being ‘digital’ is a tactic, not a strategy, so that’s why Broadcast Electronics’ Commotion platform covers so many strategic bases for today’s radio broadcasters and their listeners – both today and tomorrow. Commotion is a complete ‘digital’ solution that incorporates your digital stream, social media and mobile technology into a single, broad based revenue and social engagement strategy that enhances the listening experience and the money-making capabilities of your station. The latest version of Commotion, V3.5.3, takes the power and reach of our platform to new heights, and even greater success.

The centerpiece of Commotion is the Activity Stream. It’s a single live stream of interaction between listeners and the station, SMS messaging, now playing information, station selected Twitter feeds, station and listener provided photos and integrated advertising and promotional messaging. The station Activity Stream lives on the station web site as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps that are provided as part of Commotion, so no matter where a listener is, they can join the conversation. Some have called the Activity Stream the ‘second screen’ for radio, others call it the ‘virtual party line’ but either way, it’s the heart of the Commotion digital engagement platform.

There’s much more, though. The Commotion mobile apps also act as your streaming app for listening where radio can’t reach. Commotion interfaces with your automation system to insert advertising messages into the Activity Stream synchronized with on-air advertising. Commotion allows the Activity Stream ads to link directly to client web sites for more information or even special on-line promotions or coupons, just by clicking on the link.

Advertising in Commotion is tracked and complete reporting is also available so that clients can tract not only how many messages run and what time they run, but the click-through rate, so advertisers can see how well they work. Commotion also tracks the gateway that listeners are using to consume radio, so you can track your web site listeners as well as mobile devices, by mobile OS.

Commotion also allows stations to employ push messaging on mobile devices to receive ‘real time’ messages from the station and advertisers even when the app isn’t open. Of course, these push message subscriptions are ‘opt-in’, and since they are mobile OS based, they don’t cost listeners anything to receive them (unlike SMS messages).

Commotion is flexible and customizable and allows easy to make changes that show up in the app without having to resubmit the app to the various app stores. There is a special in-studio dashboard that makes it especially easy for station personnel to interact and operate Commotion easily without requiring a lot of additional work on their part. Station messages and advertising can be time scheduled as well, allowing you the ability to appear fresh and live even in hours where you might be voice tracked!

Commotion is more than just a mobile app…it’s a revenue generation, social engagement platform and strategy for broadcasters. Commotion is a proven moneymaker that provides increased listener engagement, which leads to longer listening and more active listening.

Broadcast Electronics will be showing the latest release of Commotion at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference in March at the Lansing Center. We invite you to see the best way to be digital…from BE.

Introducing MABF’s NEW Student Broadcasting Newsletter!

mabflogo_300Career Fairs, Student Conferences, Awards Programs, Scholarships, Job and Internship Openings and more! The MAB Foundation does it all and we want to share that important information directly with students! That’s why we’re introducing a monthly newsletter that’s written by broadcasting and media students, FOR broadcasting and media students!

Don’t miss out on important updates from the MAB Foundation, sign up for our new MAB Foundation Student Broadcasting Newsletter TODAY!

Educators, please forward this to your students!


MABF 2017 GLBC Career Fair!

View More:’s time for the MAB Foundation’s most popular and highly attended career fair and we want YOU to be a part of the action! The number one request from our stations is assistance with gaining new employee leads and that is exactly what participation in this career fair will give you!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
During the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & EXPO (GLBC)
The Lansing Center, Lansing MI

Every year,  MABF Career Fairs seek to connect employers and schools with potential employees, students and interns; and to assist stations with the current EEO requirements.

This event attracts hundreds of students and young professionals eager to meet with YOU and continue their career journey in the broadcast and media industries.

Please join us! Click here for complete vendor details.

Reserve your booth here: ONLINE REGISTRATION

Each booth is $275 and includes a co-sponsorship of the event. As a co-sponsor, you will be helping to offset the cost of the fair. As a participant, you will help to promote the event to your students, listeners and viewers by sharing event information prior to the day of the event. You can do this by airing your own PSAs, if you have a station, or by adding your involvement into any press promotion. Your assistance in promoting this career fair is vital to the success of the event. For stations, keep track of everything you air for your EEO records and send the MABF a copy of your affidavits.

WKAR to Launch free 24/7 Multiplatform PBS Kids Services

wkar_pbs_kids_300via Bill Richards, WKAR

On Jan. 16, WKAR Public Media (East Lansing) will launch new, free, localized 24/7 children’s services – WKAR’s latest initiative to support early learning in the community.

WKAR will broadcast PBS KIDS shows 24 hours a day on an additional television channel called WKAR PBS KIDS, making it easy for local children to watch their favorite series during primetime and after-school hours when viewing among families is high.

Viewers will also be able to watch the WKAR-branded live stream through and on the PBS KIDS Video App, which is available on a variety of mobile devices and tablets.

“WKAR has been an integral part of the community for years, delivering content and services that parents trust and that move the needle in early learning,” said Susi Elkins, WKAR general manager and interim director of broadcasting at Michigan State University. “We are excited to build on the work we do every day for local families by adding these new 24/7 services to our offerings, ensuring our proven educational content is accessible anytime and anywhere to all kids – especially those who need it the most.”

With the launch of the PBS KIDS 24/7 broadcast and live stream, WKAR will also introduce WKAR Family, a new initiative focused on offering and creating educational programming and media for Michigan families that is free, accessible and available across all platforms.

WKAR Family will bring together the new PBS Kids 24/7 multi-platform services, long-running WKAR education services programs such as “Ready to Learn” and additional WKAR and MSU-driven projects.

Currently in production as part of WKAR Family is a series of video shorts featuring tips and takeaways for parents and caregivers on topics such as literacy, social emotional development and science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts. The videos are produced in partnership with MSU colleges of Education and Social Sciences, MSU Extension and other researchers at MSU, with the goal of distributing in Michigan’s capital region, Detroit and across the nation.

More than 20 videos in the series will be available at launch and are being shared with Detroit PublicTelevision for broadcast on the new Detroit PBS Kids channel.

MSU, WKAR and DPTV have been working closely since a partnership was announced in January 2016, and DPTV will also launch PBS KIDS 24/7 in its market. As part of the relationship, MSU Extension educators and staff members are creating user experiences that engage children and their caregivers, thereby extending the educational value of PBS programming.

“Our team has done a great job of creating activities and lessons that caregivers can do with children,” said Jeff Dwyer, director of MSU Extension. “That helps drive the programming messages home by helping them jump off the screen and right into real-life situations — whether that’s in childcare settings or in their own home.”

The public is invited to WKAR PBS Kids Day, which will be 12:30-3:30 p.m. January 14 at WKAR TV studios on the MSU campus. During the open house, the Cat in the Hat and other PBS favorites will be available for photos. At 1:30 p.m., MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, Sparty and other special guests will officially launch WKAR Family and present a special sneak peek at the new WKAR PBS Kids 24/7 channel.