Be Careful: Don’t Use the FCC ‘Demo’ Public File Site to Upload Documents

Since the FCC shutdown on January 3, the FCC’s online public file system has been offline and stations have not been able to upload public file documents to the site.  The MAB and our FCC Washington Counsel David Oxenford has posted about this here.

The MAB has learned, however, that some stations around the country have been uploading documents to an FCC “Demo” site that remains online despite the shutdown.  This Demo site is not a substitute for the official public file site and should not be used by broadcasters.

If you look at the link carefully, however, it is has the word “demo” in the link address. This is not the correct email link for your station’s on-line public file. Rather it was a demonstration website for stations to use when the on-line system was first opened. It was designed for stations to learn how to upload documents without affecting the actual on-line public file system. The real public file system remains closed until the government re-opens.

Update: The FCC has just shut down the “demo link.” If you have uploaded files onto this “demo” website, it is not clear whether the FCC will accept the filing. You may have to re-file once the FCC opens.

Read more from NASBA FCC attorney Scott Flick here.


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