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Scripps Names Adam Symson CEO to Succeed Rich Boehne

Rich Boehne (left), Adam Symson (right).

Adam Symson will become president and CEO of E.W. Scripps on Aug. 8 the company has announced, taking over for longtime CEO Rich Boehne, who will continue as chairman.

Boehne’s nearly 30-year executive tenure saw the company expand into cable and its exit from newspapers, additions to its TV station portfolio and the acquisition of industry-leading podcast platform Midroll and the OTT news service Newsy.

Symson was promoted to chief operating officer in November overseeing day-to-day operations of the company’s 33 TV and 34 radio stations, and digital platforms. He’s been with Scripps since 2002. Scipps owns WXYZ-TV (Detroit) and WSYM-TV (Lansing).

Beloved Detroit journalist Bob Pisor Dies After Battle With Cancer

Bob Pisor

Long-time Detroit journalist Bob Pisor passed away July 7 on his 80-acre farm in Leland Township after a months-long fight with kidney cancer. He was 77.

Pisor began his distinguished career in the Motor City as a reporter with The Detroit News from 1963-74. From 1967-68 the newspaper sent him overseas to cover the Vietnam War.

In 1974, he took leave of political reporting to serve as press secretary for Coleman Young, Detroit’s first African-American mayor.

In the early ’80s, Pisor returned to the newsroom at WDIV-TV, where became a familiar face to Local 4 news viewers for more than a decade.

In 1995, he left the broadcasting industry for new pursuits and opened Stone House Bread Co. in Leland. In his later years, he hiked, hunted, traveled the world, and enjoyed life with his wife of 55 years.

Ellen Pisor will host a celebration of Bob’s life with a party at the Pisor farm in Leland on Aug. 13 at 4 p.m. Read his obituary, published in the Traverse City Record-Eagle. 

FCC Steps Up Enforcement Against Pirate Radio

According to a report by Inside Radio, Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai confirmed that combating pirate radio is a “major priority” for the agency.

“We’ll take aggressive action to enforce the rules against pirate radio broadcasters,” Pai wrote in a statement.

As part of the FCC’s stepped-up enforcement action the Enforcement Bureau has targeted the owners of several Florida and Massachusetts properties where the unlicensed stations are based.

NAB Files Comments to End Main Studio Rule

NABThe National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) recently filed comments in support of the FCC’s proposal to eliminate the agency’s main studio rule. The organization asserts that the rule is outdated and unnecessary.

It its statement, the NAB wrote: “The rule was designed to facilitate input from the community and station participation in community activities through physical access to the local studio, and was conceived nearly eighty years ago. Today, however, widespread use of electronic communications enables efficient interaction between stations and their communities of license without the need for the physical presence of a studio.”

In addition, the association said: “The elimination of the main studio rule and related staffing and equipment requirements will reduce regulatory burdens on broadcasters, resulting in cost savings and other efficiencies that will allow stations to better serve their audiences.”

The main studio rule was created more than 70 years ago when physical access to a studio was likely the principal means for viewers and listeners to interact with station personnel.

Part-Time Legislature Petition Language Starting Over

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley is starting over his effort to make Michigan’s Legislature part-time with newly drafted petition language.

The move means that all the signatures collected so far in support for the proposal can be nullified.

In a statement, issued on July 4, Calley said  the Clean Michigan Government Committee is revising its language to ensure voters get to decide the issue.

“The Lansing establishment has gone to great lengths to try to stall this effort, but we are standing with the people,” Calley said. “We have learned a lot about the legal strategy that opponents plan to use in court to try and defeat this effort and have decided to take every step to ensure voters have their say on this important reform.”

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There is still time to take advantage of discounted registration opportunities at this summer’s Advocacy Conference at Crystal Mountain Resort.  But time is running out.

Act now to reserve your overnight stay August 22 and 23. Crystal Mountain Resort’s discounted group rate expires Friday, July 21.

Additionally, discounted Early-Bird conference registration rates will be offered through July 31.  Register online today. 

The August 22 Advocacy Conference features an exciting line-up of industry experts who will offer valuable insights into  current “fake news” phenomena, new consumption trends and upcoming issues to keep an eye on.

The day’s sessions will be follow up with the annual Public Media Impact, Lifetime Achievement, Legacy and Hall of Fame awards banquet. The evening event is a wonderful chance to network among peers and celebrate outstanding careers in the broadcast industry.

Be sure to stay overnight to participate in our annual MAB Foundation Golf Fundraiser at Crystal Mountain Resort’s beautiful Betsie Valley Golf Course on August 23. The MAB Foundation supports the future of broadcast excellence by investing in scholarships, hosting career fairs and other important opportunities for students in the broadcast industry.



How to Attract Millennials With a Compelling Recruitment Video

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy.

Ryan Jenkins

By: Ryan Jenkins
Next Generation Speaker / Columnist

Finding talent for your organization is an ongoing process. It’s even more ongoing  today as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials change jobs in record numbers.

As stated in my previous article, How to Attract Millennial Workers in 2 Simple Steps:

What are Millennials looking for when considering a job?

  • The No. 1 thing Millennials want to know about a company is its “culture and values,” followed by “perks and benefits,” and “employee perspectives of the company.”
  • The top obstacle to Millennials accepting a job is “not knowing what the company is like.”

A compelling and informative recruiting video can satisfy both of the above Millennial needs when it comes to considering a job. Here are fifteen elements to include in your recruitment video in order to effectively attract the right Millennial talent.

  1. Don’t tell, show. 
    Video is the preferred method of consumption for the Millennial generation. Showcase what it looks like to work at your company.
  2. Infuse authenticity. 
    Give the viewer a genuine sense of the workspace, company culture, and employee perspectives.
  3. Showcase your growth. 
    Millennials are interested in becoming an integral part of something that’s going somewhere. Use interesting visuals or comparisons to showcase your company’s recent growth.
  4. Expose your culture. 
    Spend more time emphasizing the company culture than explaining your product or service. Millennials put a premium on culture.
  5. Flaunt your employees.
    Millennials want to see who they’d be working alongside. The more diverse and creative the team…the better. Ditch any clip art and stock video and just use your real employees.
  6. Unveil the lifestyle.
    Millennials often choose a city before they choose a job. Show the community amenities of your hiring city. Highlight the eateries, coffee shops, bars, public transportation, venues, etc.
  7. Reveal the office.
    Highlight the innovate workspaces and work perks (pets at work, adjustable desks, cafeterias, game rooms, etc.).
  8. Depict an actual day. 
    Show what it looks like going to work, who they are going to meet there, a typical desk, the elevator they will use, where they will park, how they will collaborate, and where meetings are held. The easier they can visualize themselves at your organization, the easier their decision.
  9. Show off technology. 
    Millennials desire an innovative environment to quench their tech dependence. Show employees interacting with the various pieces of technology through the office.
  10. Exhibit social perks. 
    Millennials are looking for community as much as they are a job. Highlight your community outreach, office sport teams, and parties.
  11. Feature your leaders. 
    Allow Millennials to see or hear from senior leaders inside the organization. Highly visible leaders give Millennials the impression of a flatter organization, which they prefer.
  12. Get quirky. 
    No Millennial dreams of working for a stuffy organization. Do not make the video too corporate and robotic. Find ways to inject some quirkiness.
  13. Short video. 
    Attention spans are shortening at alarming rates. Create a 1-1:30min recruiting intro video and then serve up other longer videos (if necessary) for those interested in learning more about your organization.
  14. Compelling music. 
    Your video’s music can make or break the video. Music can demonstrate your relevance, innovation, and the pace of your organization.
  15. Visible call to action. 
    Make sure viewers know exactly what their next step should be (ex: visit to apply or text APPLY to 12121). Make it clear and visible. Place it at the end of the video and in the video description.

(This is 1 of the 47 strategies shared in Ryan’s new book, The Millennial Manual: The Complete How-To Guide to Manage, Develop, and Engage Millennials at Work.)

Reprinted with permission.

Stop Making These Top 10 Marketing Mistakes

Duane Alverson

By:  Duane Alverson, President
MacDonald Broadcasting Company (Saginaw & Lansing)

If you’re like most business leaders, you’re likely struggling to navigate the myriad of marketing channels available to advertisers these days. With so many options out there, and with attention spans so fragmented and disjointed, how are business owners to know how and where to best spend their precious marketing dollars–especially with limited budgets?

Reflexively, most people fall back on one of three “safe” plans:

1.) They rely on hunches, and/or use the “trial-and-error” approach. They spend a little bit here and a little bit there, hoping that something will pay off somewhere. Then, when none of it works, they’re left scratching their heads.

2.) They play “follow-the-leader,” and simply do what their competitors are doing, without much rhyme or reason to the approach. But what if the competitor is making the “trial-and-error” mistake themselves?
3.) They do nothing, out of paralysis that comes from not knowing where to start. And we all know what doing nothing gets you.
Unfortunately, all three plans are neither safe nor strategic. As a result, these businesses end up repeating one or more of the  Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Marketing.

Is your company making one of these 10 mistakes? CONTINUE READING to find out–and to learn how you can reverse course and make the most out of your marketing budget! Of course, there is much more to discuss than can be covered in one article. If you have any questions about how you can avoid these mistakes and maximize your marketing potential, contact me to schedule a time when we can review your particular goals in person.

Duane Alverson currently serves as President of MacDonald Broadcasting Company. Duane has been with MacDonald Broadcasting Company for 32 years serving in various sales leadership positions. He served as Chairman of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in 2012 and as President of the Michigan Jaycees in 1981-82. Duane resides in Saginaw, Michigan.
Reprinted with permission. 

Coming Soon: Fall Career Fairs!

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