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Free Webinar for MAB Members: Building Your Digital Rate Card

MAB Media Show Sponsor So-Cast is offering a free webinar to MAB members next week, Thursday, February 28 at 2 p.m. Eastern:

Building your Digital Rate Card – Everything you need for your sales team to drive digital revenue.

Heard about this huge revenue opportunity and wondering how your station can successfully drive more digital dollars in 2019?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Your digital revenue toolkit: everything you can sell to generate digital revenue and deliver results for your ad partners.
  • Suggested rates and pricing.
  • Suggestions for integrating digital offering with your traditional offerings.
  • What should be included in your Digital Media Kit to share with prospective and active ad partners.

This session is ideal for Sales Leaders, Sales Reps, GMs, station owners and market managers.

To register, click here.

Thank You 2018 MAB Members!

Your MAB has many exciting things happening in 2018!  We are moving to a temporary location while our new building is under construction, we are launching a new website, there are Third Thursday webinars, the job bank website, legislative updates, political broadcasting webinars, Snack and Learns, celebrating 70 years of Michigan broadcasters and so much more!

If you have not paid your MAB dues, you could miss out on the many resources offered and you would not be included in the new MAB Online Directory only available to MAB Members and Associate Members.

Below is a list of the MAB members that have paid dues for 2018.  Thank you so very much for your continued support of your MAB and all we do.  We look forward to serving you in 2018!

(If your station is not listed, please contact Denise Weston at 517-484-7444 or [email protected].  Effective March 31, your station will lose member status and not be able to access MAB resources.)

MAB Television Members 2018
WTLJ-TV Allendale
WWTV-TV Cadillac
WWUP-TV Cadillac
WDIV-TV Detroit
WOOD-TV Grand Rapids
WOTV-TV Grand Rapids
WXSP-TV Grand Rapids
WZZM-TV Grand Rapids
WBKP-TV Ishpeming
WBUP-TV Ishpeming
WWMT-TV Kalamazoo
WILX-TV Lansing
WSYM-TV Lansing
WFXD-FM Marquette
WJMN-TV Marquette
WLUC-TV Negaunee
WNEM-TV Saginaw
WJBK-TV Southfield
WKBD-TV Southfield
WWJ-TV Southfield
MAB Radio Members 2018
WLEN-FM Adrian
WATZ-FM Alpena
WHAK-FM Alpena
WHSB-FM Alpena
WRGZ-FM Alpena
WWTH-FM Alpena
WZTK-FM Alpena
WCUP-FM Baraga
WGLI-FM Baraga
WNWN-FM Battle Creek
WCRZ-FM Burton
WFNT-AM Burton
WLCO-AM Burton
WQUS-FM Burton
WRCL-FM Burton
WATT-AM Cadillac
WKAD-FM Cadillac
WLXV-FM Cadillac
WCHY-FM Cheboygan
WGFE-FM Cheboygan
WGFM-FM Cheboygan
WGFN-FM Cheboygan
WMKC-FM Cheboygan
WQEZ-FM Cheboygan
WTVB-AM Coldwater
WDMK-FM Detroit
WDRQ-FM Detroit
WDVD-FM Detroit
WGPR-FM Detroit
WJR-AM Detroit
WPZR-FM Detroit
WCSX-FM Ferndale
WMGC-FM Ferndale
WRIF-FM Ferndale
WBCT-FM Grand Rapids
WBFX-FM Grand Rapids
WMAX-FM Grand Rapids
WOOD-AM Grand Rapids
WOOD-FM Grand Rapids
WSNX-FM Grand Rapids
WSRW-FM Grand Rapids
WTKG-AM Grand Rapids
WBCH-AM Hastings
WBCH-FM Hastings
WCSR-AM Hillsdale
WCSR-FM Hillsdale
WHTC-AM Holland
WYVN-FM Holland
WCCY-AM Houghton
WHKB-FM Houghton
WOLV-FM Houghton
WHMI-FM Howell
WJNR-FM Iron Mountain
WOBE-FM Iron Mountain
WFER-AM Iron River
WIKB-FM Iron River
WUPM-FM Ironwood
WIBM-AM Jackson
WKHM-AM Jackson
WKHM-FM Jackson
WKFR-FM Kalamazoo
WKMI-AM Kalamazoo
WNWN-AM Kalamazoo
WQLR-AM Kalamazoo
WRKR-FM Kalamazoo
WTOU-AM Kalamazoo
WVFM-FM Kalamazoo
WZOX-FM Kalamazoo
WFMK-FM Lansing
WHZZ-FM Lansing
WILS-AM Lansing
WITL-FM Lansing
WJIM-AM Lansing
WJIM-FM Lansing
WMMQ-FM Lansing
WQBX-FM Lansing
WQHH-FM Lansing
WVFN-AM Lansing
WXLA-AM Lansing
WMOM-FM Ludington
WFXD-FM Marquette
WKQS-FM Marquette
WMQT-FM Marquette
WQXO-AM Marquette
WRPP-FM Marquette
WRUP-FM Marquette
WZAM-AM Marquette
WLUN-FM Midland
WQLQ-FM Mishawaka
WCFX-FM Mt Pleasant
WMMI-AM Mt Pleasant
WCZY-FM Mt. Pleasant
WKBZ-AM Muskegon
WMRR-FM Muskegon
WMUS-FM Muskegon
WKLQ-AM Muskegon Heights
WLAW-FM Muskegon Heights
WLCS-FM Muskegon Heights
WVIB-FM Muskegon Heights
WWSN-FM Muskegon Heights
WJSZ-FM Owosso
WKHQ-FM Petoskey
WLXT-FM Petoskey
WMBN-AM Petoskey
WMKT-AM Petoskey
WHAK-AM Petosky
WZTC-FM Petosky
WBTI-FM Port Huron
WGRT-FM Port Huron
WHLS-AM Port Huron
WHLX-AM Port Huron
WPHM-AM Port Huron
WSAQ-FM Port Huron
WTWS-FM Prudenville
WUPS-FM Prudenville
WHNN-FM Saginaw
WILZ-FM Saginaw
WKCQ-FM Saginaw
WKQZ-FM Saginaw
WMJO-FM Saginaw
WSAG-FM Saginaw
WSAM-AM Saginaw
WBGV-FM Sandusky
WTGV-FM Sandusky
WHPD-FM South Bend
WDZH-FM Southfield
WFDF-AM Southfield
WOMC-FM Southfield
WWJ-AM Southfield
WXYT-AM Southfield
WXYT-FM Southfield
WYCD-FM Southfield
WSAE-FM Spring Arbor
WCSY-FM St Joseph
WCXT-FM St Joseph
WIRX-FM St Joseph
WSJM-FM St Joseph
WYTZ-FM St Joseph
WSJM-AM St. Joseph
WLKM-FM Three Rivers
WBCM-FM Traverse City
WCCW-AM Traverse City
WCCW-FM Traverse City
WFCX-FM Traverse City
WFDX-FM Traverse City
WJZQ-FM Traverse City
WKLT-FM Traverse City
WKLZ-FM Traverse City
WSRJ-FM Traverse City
WSRT-FM Traverse City
WTCM-AM Traverse City
WTCM-FM Traverse City
WPNW-AM Zeeland

MAB Snack ‘N’ Learns Are Coming to YOU!

From left to right: MAB Government Affairs Director Elena Palombo, Beasley Media Group VP/Market Manager Mac Edwards, MAB President/CEO Karole L. White and MAB Director of Education and Development Jacquelen Timm.

The MAB Staff is out and about sharing about the virtues of association membership with MAB members and their employees. Several stations have already hosted the MAB in 2018 and we are now booking Snack ‘N’ Learns for the for the second week in March.

Staff members at Beasley Media Group in Detroit are ready to Snack ‘N’ Learn with the MAB.

“With the turn over at stations, we can no longer assume that all members know the many services of the MAB;  we are taking our show on the road,” said MAB President/CEO Karole L. White. “MAB staff members will come directly to your station. We set up in your board room, break room, conference room or hall and share about the many benefits of MAB membership with your employees as they come by. We answer questions and we bring snacks. The casual drop-in, meet-and-greets have been very successful so far.”

Staff members at Midwest Communications in Lansing gather to Snack ‘N’ Learn with the MAB.

“We’ve learned a lot in just the first few Snack ‘N’ Learns. It has given us an opportunity to meet with many of our general managers and staffs that we might not get to know otherwise. We discuss the issues that are important to members and have met really great people.”

White said the MAB plans to host as many as to two Snack ‘N’ Learns a day, going on the road  two or three days a week following the Great Lakes Media Show. We hope to visit every station or station group by years end.

Contact Jacquelen Timm at 1-800-YOUR-MAB to book your station’s Snack’N’ Learn.

2018 Will be a Great Year to be Part of the MAB

Happy New Year … 2018 is quickly approaching. There are many exciting things in store here at the MAB.

The Great Lakes Media Show will be held March 6 and 7 and host dynamic exhibitors, speakers and sessions to address new challenges facing broadcasters as they evolve into multi-media platforms.  We also will be launching a new website and member CRM, giving members the ability to interact easily through the MAB.

Dues and invoice renewals have been sent to every station for 2018. At this time, more than 39 percent have taken advantage of the early payment discount.  If your station has not paid the 2018 modest dues investment, you have until December 31 to get the discount. We offer many programs and services reaching every employee at your station, most of them are free!  Be certain to take advantage of your MAB membership.

New membership cards are being sent along with a 2018 window cling.  You can proudly display the cling on office doors and windows or on station vehicle windows.  You are the MAB!

To find out more about the MAB services offered, contact Denise Weston or Sara Siegmann at 1-800-YOUR MAB (1-800-968-7622).

Why Should your Stations be Members of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters?  

Peter Tanz

By: Peter Tanz,  MAB Chairman
Vice President, Midwest Communications (Kalamazoo)

All of my company’s stations in Michigan are members of the MAB and have been for decades. Why? Simply because the MAB offers value that we can’t get from any other affiliation.

The MAB is the voice for broadcasters in Michigan.  Individually, I can be as active politically as time will allow, but our lawmakers react positively when they hear the united voice of the MAB.  Our combined voice through the MAB has strength in numbers and helps to prevent legislation that could harm our ability to do business, serve our communities and make a profit.

Additionally, we derive great value from the many services offered free of charge to members.  Services including on-demand sales training with P1 Sales;  EEO tracking and reporting from Broadcast Compliance Services; Legal Help Lines with David Oxenford – Wilkinson, Barker and Knauer LLP and John J. Ronayne –  Bernardi, Ronayne & Glusac PC on FOIA, Libel and First Amendment Issues; Energy Audits for sales tax refunds; Legal and regulatory Live Webinars and industry issue updates in the weekly MAB News Briefs update.

Members benefit from low cost education and networking opportunities at the spring Great Lakes Media Show and the summer Advocacy Conference.  Whether your station is part of a large corporately owned group or a small independent owner, being a member of the MAB is a small investment that makes good business sense.

MAB membership dues continue to be some of the lowest in the nation and the Public Education messages we air are good for our local community and demonstrate the power of our broadcasting.

Look for your 2018 Dues statement coming to your mailbox.  Pay by the end of the year and take a discount.  Over 80% of all broadcasters in Michigan are members of the MAB. In 2018 let’s make it 100%.

Pay Dues Early and Save!

By: Karole L. White
Michigan Assocation of Broadcasters

A cartoon illustration of a Thanksgiving Turkey character.

If you are like many, the bird isn’t the only thing over the holidays that got stuffed. We all ate our fill. Now, its back to work where for the next month we will all try to sell as far into 2017 as we can.  Securing your annual contracts is
important, so you know what you have next year. That is important to the MAB as

The MAB membership is stuffed full of benefits for your whole team. We are laying out big plans for 2017, most of which are only available to members. We do not want you to come up with an empty plate. Use great programs from the MAB like: P1 Selling, Free Energy Audits, Broadcast Compliance Service for EEO and our wonderful Legal Help lines with the top communications and FCC attorneys in the nation, as your utensils for success.

Click here to see the list of MAB membership services and dues schedule or call the MAB at 800.968.7622.  Discounts available only until December 31.

Paperless Billing for MAB Membership Dues!

The MAB is pleased to announce that we have added a new, paperless billing process through Freshbooks to add convenience and flexibility for our members.

In the past two months, you may have noticed an invoice from Freshbooks, for your MAB dues, in your email inbox. This allows you to instantly and securely pay your membership fee through PayPal or with your credit card. You can access your invoice and payment options from any computer and even your cell phone! Additionally, you can print the invoice and mail your payments to the MAB.

We’re happy to offer this easy, digital way to pay your dues! Please contact Denise Weston at 800.968.7622, or Sara Siegmann at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Message From The Chairman

Debbie-Kenyon-2014_500By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

MAB membership is the best investment a Michigan broadcaster can make and, for the past 20 years, our Board of Directors has held the line on dues.

The challenging regulatory and legislative environment in the upcoming Congress will require a vastly expanded broadcaster presence in Washington and Lansing with all the new state lawmakers. Next year, expect a renewed and vigorous attempt to pass the Performance Tax and attacks on the deductibility of advertising dollars as a business expense on income tax returns. The MAB is often the only force fighting for you against the onslaught of state regulatory, legislative and economic pressures working against your station every day. With a full time legislature, it takes close scrutiny of almost every bill. We need to be united now more than ever to be effective.

That is why we need you to renew your valuable membership with MAB today.

Last year, we fought to protect you from many regulatory and legislative challenges to our industry, on FOIA and transparency issues that would hamstring your news room. Any one of these issues could have had a devastating effect on your business if they saw the light of day. You can be proud to know that we were successful, because of your support.

Next year, the music licensees, the artists and record labels have promised to resurrect the caustic Performance Tax, creating a serious threat to our livelihoods. RIAA and the MusicFirst Coalition along with celebrities (who we made famous) and musician unions will be mounting a very formidable campaign against broadcasters in the new Congress. This is but one example of the challenges broadcast radio and television will face in the coming year. Make no mistake; we will need to stand together and make a goal line stand if our industry is to remain viable!

On behalf of the MAB Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your continued support. You are the focus of our efforts; your success is our goal; and everyone at the MAB works hard every day to accomplish this important mission!

Once renewals are processed, you will receive a new 2017 membership decal and a new 2017 password to the members-only section of the MAB website.