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The MAB is Here For You, Because of You

Peter Tanz

By: Peter Tanz,  MAB Chairman
Vice President, Midwest Communications (Kalamazoo)

We welcome in a New Year with excitement and anticipation.

THANK YOU  to everyone who volunteered in 2017, served on committees or boards, those who attended events or participated in MAB programs.  You are this association.  Without your participation,  ideas, financial and inventory support of the NCSA program, MAB would not exist.

With continued corporate consolidation, one might question the need for our state association. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters is concerned with YOU and your station(s) specifically.  Your personal success and the success of your station(s) in Michigan are the MAB’s main priority.

The MAB is the only association that advocates on your behalf to prevent onerous laws and taxes from impeding your ability to succeed on a state level.  MAB keeps you informed of these issues and helps to create a strong relationship with local and federal lawmakers.  The NAB depends on the MAB for the grassroots efforts to encourage and grow Michigan lawmaker relationships.

The advocacy, training and education offered by the MAB is to serve you, the members. If you have not paid your 2018 dues or if you are not airing the NCSA/PEP spots at the level you should (50 spots a month on every signal), realize that you may be limiting your station’s success.  All these services are available to you and your employees. (Click here to learn more about MAB member benefits.)  Be a proud member of the MAB.

This will be a very active political year. The Michigan House, Senate, Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State are up for election this year.  All U.S. House members (two open seats in Michigan) and one of our U.S. Senate seats are up for election in 2018.

The 2018  political season is the first where every station’s public file will be on-line and accessible by the public. There will be much outside interest in how you and your team handle political requests.

Your MAB will help you and your team accurately navigate all things political in 2018 with political advertising seminars and the MAB legal hotline.  This could be one of the busiest political advertising years in a long time.

The MAB and our Government Relations firm, Kelley-Cawthorne, keeps an updated list of candidates and issues on the members only section of the MAB website,  If you are a member and can’t remember your member password, call the MAB at 1-800-968-7622.

Finally, thank you to the dedicated staff at the MAB.  Our professional team diligently works every day to ensure the success of all MAB members. Michigan has one of America’s best state broadcast associations thanks to our experienced, hard working and wonderful team.

It is my honor to serve you as your Chairman and I look forward to working with you to make 2018 a GREAT New Year.

Why Should your Stations be Members of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters?  

Peter Tanz

By: Peter Tanz,  MAB Chairman
Vice President, Midwest Communications (Kalamazoo)

All of my company’s stations in Michigan are members of the MAB and have been for decades. Why? Simply because the MAB offers value that we can’t get from any other affiliation.

The MAB is the voice for broadcasters in Michigan.  Individually, I can be as active politically as time will allow, but our lawmakers react positively when they hear the united voice of the MAB.  Our combined voice through the MAB has strength in numbers and helps to prevent legislation that could harm our ability to do business, serve our communities and make a profit.

Additionally, we derive great value from the many services offered free of charge to members.  Services including on-demand sales training with P1 Sales;  EEO tracking and reporting from Broadcast Compliance Services; Legal Help Lines with David Oxenford – Wilkinson, Barker and Knauer LLP and John J. Ronayne –  Bernardi, Ronayne & Glusac PC on FOIA, Libel and First Amendment Issues; Energy Audits for sales tax refunds; Legal and regulatory Live Webinars and industry issue updates in the weekly MAB News Briefs update.

Members benefit from low cost education and networking opportunities at the spring Great Lakes Media Show and the summer Advocacy Conference.  Whether your station is part of a large corporately owned group or a small independent owner, being a member of the MAB is a small investment that makes good business sense.

MAB membership dues continue to be some of the lowest in the nation and the Public Education messages we air are good for our local community and demonstrate the power of our broadcasting.

Look for your 2018 Dues statement coming to your mailbox.  Pay by the end of the year and take a discount.  Over 80% of all broadcasters in Michigan are members of the MAB. In 2018 let’s make it 100%.

MABF Career Fairs Support Our Need for More Young Talent

Peter Tanz

As Michigan’s unemployment rate hovers near 4 percent, finding your next great employee can be a challenge. Participating in one or more of the MAB Foundation’s Career Fairs is a great way to find your next super star.

In the MAB strategic planning process all four member focus groups identified the need for more young people to enter the field of broadcasting, multimedia sales, production and engineering as a top priority.

MABF Career Fairs offer you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with young people interested in media careers. If you haven’t already reserved your station’s booth at one of the upcoming fall career fairs, click here to register now.

This year we have expanded our outreach to include sales and marketing, electrical engineering, journalism, broadcast media and cinematic arts students.

Even if you do not have a current opening at your station, you may have one in the near future. Your participation gives you the opportunity to meet young adults and nurture the seed of interest as they figure out their career path. Someone showed you the way when you got into this great business and MABF Career Fairs give you the opportunity to pay that gift forward.

MABF Career Fairs may meet some of your EEO additional credits.
For possible credit, your station unit must promote the career fair over the air and must send someone with hiring authority to meet with the attendees. This year we are gathering information on all of the students and will provide participating stations with a list of student attendees following the event.

Participation is not only good for your station and the future of our industry, it helps support the work of the MAB Foundation.

– Peter Tanz, MAB Chariman
Vice President, Midwest Communications (Kalamazoo)

Are You Doing the Same Thing the Same Old Way? Break Out!

Debbie Kenyon

By: Debbie Kenyon, MAB Chairman and Senior VP/Market Manager, CBS Radio Detroit

Break out of the old mold!  Be sure you register for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo (GLBC) March 7-8 in Lansing.

As I mentioned in the personal email I sent last week, few of us get to attend national conferences anymore.  GLBC is a moderately priced local event with a national reputation drawing some of the top speakers from around the nation on subjects of importance to our industry. You also get to see new equipment and speak with suppliers one on one.

“Reframe Your Perspective” with new, first time speakers at GLBC. Pick up new tips on doing business better. The broadcasting business has changed. Have you changed your approach? Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Attend GLBC and pick up some new ideas that you can put to work right away at your station.

The two-day conference offers special tracts for the different positions at your stations, Engineering, Sales, Production, Journalism and more. The keynote speaker is Phll Gwoke from BridgeWorks. Phil will discuss the challenges of and offer answers to managing a multi-generational work force and how to entice millennials to enter the broadcasting industry and then how to manage them once they join your team. Smart Broadcasters want to know the latest in business techniques!

Be in the know by attending GLBC.  Send your staff…and don’t forget to stay for the Legislative Reception.  Lawmakers want to meet you.

Plan to register your staff today.  Early Bird rate has been extended through this Friday, February 24.

Even if your company can’t pay for your registration, pay the moderate registration fee on your own. It may be the best personal investment you make in your career.

Have questions contact the MAB at 800.968.7622.

More information visit