Delta’s WDCQ-TV Premieres Vietnam War Documentary

On May 3, Delta College Public Broadcasting kicked off its May pledge drive with the premiere of its locally-produced documentary “VIETNAM VOICES: Mid-Michigan Remembers the Vietnam War.”

In the documentary, thirty-one local individuals tell their stories and reflect back on the volatile Vietnam War era. Among those interviewed for the documentary include: 21 Vietnam War Veterans, along with anti-war protesters, family members, high school and college students who were eligible for the military draft, and two Vietnamese immigrants who came to the United States following the conclusion of the war.

The documentary gives these local residents the opportunity to tell their personal stories and reflect on this controversial time in American history. In addition to hearing from the veterans about their war experiences, the documentary also covers the anti-war movement, the impact of television news coverage of the war, Agent Orange, PTSD, the Vietnam War Memorial and other topics discussed by those who were interviewed.

“I have always known that the Vietnam War is a controversial subject with many different facets and many different opinions,” said Bob Przybylski, Q-TV producer/director, told the Midland Daily News about this project. “The Vietnam War divided the country in ways that World War II never did. It was fascinating to hear how different people had some different viewpoints on the same topic.”

“I am very pleased with the spectrum of people, opinions expressed and stories told in the documentary,” he added. “I really wanted to tell the story using ‘their own words’ so there is little narration used to move the documentary along. I tried to let those who participated in the project tell the story.”

The documentary is narrated by Vietnam era veteran Jeff Johnson of Tawas and it has original music written by Pat Cronley of Flint.

WDCQ – Delta College Public Broadcasting has been producing local documentaries since 2005 that have included such veteran orientated programs as World War II and the Korean War, along with many historical programs that focused on the region’s lumbering history, railroads and early immigrants. Q-TV’s most recent documentary focused on the 2016 Tall Ship Festival in Bay City.

“VIETNAM VOICES: Mid-Michigan Remembers the Vietnam War” will also air on at 8 p.m. Friday, May 18, and at 6 p.m. Sunday, May 20.

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