Detroit Personality Jay Towers Has Cameo In New ‘Batman v. Superman’ Film

JayTowers2All Access reports that Jay Towers, co-anchor of  WJBK-TV’s “Fox 2 Morning News,” and morning show host at WNIC-FM “had a childhood wish come true” with a cameo in the brand-new “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” movie.  In the film, Jay plays a TV reporter for the fictional “News 8.”

The publication notes that Jay is a lifelong Superman fan with an office filled with “Man of Steel” memorabilia and Jay notes that his appearance was the payoff “for all the teasing I’ve received over the years from family and friends” for his obsession.

The Detroit News reports that Jay was even asked for his input from the film’s director: “He asked, ‘If you were covering this story, is this the way you’d do it on TV?’ “

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