DPTV Announces Summer of Badges Program

Detroit Public Television (DPTV) and 45 partner organizations have announced a program to help Detroit area school children to learn during the summer months with the Summer of Badges program. Summer of Badges, is a continuation of Digital Adventures and digital badging, takes learning outside the confines of the classroom and stretches far beyond the average school year in a way that is fun for kids.

With DPTV’s partner organizations, anyone, anywhere can find opportunities that will allow them to explore their interests and earn a digital badge.

While kids can select any badge from any of their partners badges, every two weeks the Summer of Badges program will focus on three “featured” badges:

June 1-14: Reading and Writing
· Wild About Reading
· Book Reviewer!
· Detroit PBS Kids Reading Program
July 1-14: Math and Engineering
· Bat-gineering
· PBS Kids Odd Squad
· SciEngiMathePloration Challenge

The TOP 10 badge winners, for each of the two week brackets, will receive a complimentary gift card.

Digital Adventure and the Summer of Badges program contribute to DPTV’s dedication to maximizing kids’ learning outside of the classroom. For more infomration on the program, visit www.digitaladventure.org.

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