Drone Legislation Passes House Committee

capitol3SB 992 unanimously passed the Michigan House Committee on Communications and Technology last week. The legislation allows a person authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate unmanned aerial systems (aka: drones) for commercial purposes in a manner consistent with the authorization. The legislation also sets up a legislative drone taskforce to develop statewide policy recommendations on the use/operation of drones. SB 992 mandates that the taskforce must include a member recommended by the MAB to represent the broadcast industry.

The MAB, along with the Michigan State Police, Michigan Telecommunication and Cable Association, Michigan Association of Realtors, supported this legislation. The MAB believes that this legislation is a balanced approach to regulating drone use. The bill recognizes the growing economic and commercial use of the unmanned aerial vehicles across a wide variety of industries including, in our case, broadcasting.

Status: SB 992 has been referred to the full Michigan House of Representatives chamber for a vote. If the bill passes this chamber, it then goes to the Governor’s office for signature.

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