FCC Deadline Reminder for Repacked TV Stations

According to Broadcast Law Blog, the FCC issued a Public Notice to remind stations that are being repacked as to some of the deadlines in this repacking process.

July 12, 2017: Unless they have been granted a waiver of this deadline (requests were due June 12), all reassigned stations and band changing stations must electronically file applications for construction permits to build their post-auction channel facilities no later than July 12, 2017. Although stations have until this deadline to make these filings, the Public Notice encourages stations to do so as soon as possible.

July 12, 2017: Reassigned stations, as well as MVPDs that will incur costs by continuing to carry reassigned stations, must file their estimated construction costs for equipment and services no later than July 12, 2017. These relocation cost estimates and any required supporting documentation must be filed electronically with the FCC using FCC Form 2100, Schedule 399.

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