FCC Report: Retrans Fees are Up

According to a report in Broadcasting & Cable, the FCC released its latest basic cable rate report and found that the average retrans payments had increased by almost $5 million. The FCC is required in the STELAR bill to survey for retrans payments. The report found that the average monthly price for basic cable had risen 2.3% to $23.79, with expanded basic rates up 2.7% to $69.03. That compared to a 1% decline in general inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The FCC said that expanded basic price rise compared to a compound ten-year average rate of increase from 2005 to 2015 of 4.8% vs. a 1.5% increase in the CPI. But, the FCC also found that the average price per channel for expanded basic decreased an average 1.8% to .46. That is compared to .62 per channel a decade ago.

Read the full FCC report here.

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