FCC Suspends Operations Due to Government Shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, the FCC suspended operations on Thursday, January 3.  This means that the agency’s electronic filling and database will be unavailable until the government is running again. However, a few functions will remain open for business including: the Consolidated Database System (CDBS), the Electronic Document Management System (EDOCS), the Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) and the Public Safety Support Center.

According to InsideRadio, the shutdown also means the extension of several normal filing deadlines for any documents that were to be turned in during the period the FCC is closed. Those submissions will now be due on the second day of normal operations. In order to avoid any confusion that could be created by its midday shutdown, the agency will consider January 3 as the first day the FCC is closed.

Read the latest advisory on the FCC shutdown HERE.


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