FEMA Releases 2017 IPAWS/EAS National Test Report

FEMA has released the results of the September 27, 2017 National EAS Test.  The agency reports that overall results were similar to 2016 with improvements in most areas.

The largest issues reported to FEMA via ETRS were:

1) 27.1% of errors reported were due to General EAS device configuration errors.  268 EAS participants nationwide reported this.

2) 21.2% of errors were due to EAS equipment failure or EAS equipment out for repair.  210 EAS partipants reported this.

3) 7.5% of errors were due to a timing issue within EAS device, typically due to NNTP server configuration.  74 EAS participants reported this.

The complete list of errors are in the report.

The agency noted that while the apparent overall quality of the data collected in ETRS has improved FEMA continues to have concerns regarding the quality of EAS Participant responses recorded in ETRS. For example seven EAS Participants indicated that they did not receive the NPT message, but did successfully relay the message they claimed not to receive.

See the complete report here.

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