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Chris Lytle

Throughout 2016, Chris Lytle, Instant Sales Training has brought you and your sales team valuable information during these Webinars:

  • Preventing and Overcoming Broadcast Sales’ Toughest Objections
  • Scarce Talent: Recruiting and Hiring the Best Salespeople
  • How to “Talk” Advertising with your Prospects and Customers Today

“The Coaching Imperative” is the last in a series of four broadcast-specific sales management webinars personally conducted by Chris Lytle.

Here are a few of the things you will learn during this fast-paced, highly-detailed FREE program:

  • How to determine when to coach and when to conduct one-on-one training.
  • What today’s top business coaches are teaching their “players.”
  • Why you need to stop giving answers and solving problems and start asking more questions.
  • Chris Lytle’s #1 rule of coaching.
  • Plug and play: 3 coaching models you can use immediately after the session.
  • Why enjoying your job is crucial to sales success.
  • The very best all-purpose coaching question.

All webinars are being recorded and archived for registered attendees.

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Chris Lytle is a best-selling author and well-travelled professional speaker.  His promise to you is a bold one: His programs contain more usable information per minute than any other learning event.

Save the date. Let him prove it.

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