Increasing Public Awareness Through Op-Ed Columns

In light of President Trump’s proposed budget, which would eliminate funding for public media and the arts, there has been a number of Op-Ed columns appearing in major newspapers around the country in support of public television and radio. Your MAB/MAPB News Briefs spotted a few and thought we’d share:

In the April 5, 2017 issue of the New York Times, Op-Ed Contributor Stanley McChrystal is author of Save PBS. It Makes Us Safer.   McChrystal writes: “Public broadcasting makes our nation smarter, stronger and, yes, safer. It’s a small public investment that pays huge dividends for Americans. And it shouldn’t be pitted against spending more on improving our military. That’s a false choice. This might seem like an unlikely position for me, a 34-year combat veteran. But it’s a view that has been shaped by my career leading brave men and women who thrive and win when they are both strong and smart. My experience has taught me that education, trusted institutions and civil discourse are the lifeblood of a great nation.”  Read the entire column here.

In the April 5, 2017 issue of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Louisville Public Media President Michael Skoler writes:
“Federal money provides just a bit of seed support for stations and the transmitters and equipment that allow programs to be shared across the nation. Those dollars are just six percent of the Louisville Public Media budget.  Federal money provides less than seven percent of PBS’s budget and less than one percent of NPR’s budget. The free market does many things well. Building community and a shared American experience is not one of them. Shared experience, by definition, is not elitist, it’s owned by everyone.”  Read Who needs PBS, NPR? Everyone here.

In the March 29, 2017 issue of the Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed Contributor Jennifer Ferro (General Manager of Public Radio Station KCRW) notes: “Public radio in particular is a critical part of the nation’s communications infrastructure. While commercial radio has cut costs by consolidating its operations into one or two main hubs, public radio stations are staffed and operated live. In rural areas, public radio stations often are the only live broadcast outlet. As in Marfa (Texas) during the wildfires, those stations provide vital information to their broadcast areas, and without federal funding, this crucial community function would surely disappear.”  Read Trump’s public broadcasting cuts will zero out live, local, real news here.

In the March 17, 2017 issue of the San Bernardino Sun, Bruce Baron, Chancellor of the San Bernardino Community College District, which operates public stations KVCR-FM-TV, authored a Op-Ed titled Federal defunding of PBS, NPR and KVCR could hurt our kids.  Baron: “Public television also provides 120,000 trusted and reliable learning tools for teachers, parents and home-schoolers nationwide. From Wild Kratts to Nature to NOVA, students and learners of all ages are exposed to the wonders of our world and the thrills of discovery and invention that can open doors to careers in high-demand science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.”  Read more here.

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