It’s official – September 20 is the next National EAS test.

As previously speculated, Thursday, September 20 at 2:20 p.m. Eastern will be the date and time for the next National EAS Test.  This year’s test will also include testing of WEA, the Wireless Emergency Alert System – so in addition to hearing (or conducting) a broadcast Emergency Alert System text, you’ll likely also receive one on your smartphone.

Remember that broadcasters need to “complete the filing of ETRS [EAS Test Reporting System] Form One, on or before August 27.” Form Two is for the “Day of Test” filing, on September 20. Then Form Three is the “detailed post-test data” that must be filed by November 5.

The Commission’s also inviting “members of the public and interested stakeholder organizations that are in a position to observe test results in their communities” to offer feedback. The FCC does these in coordination with FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency – which says this test “will use the Presidential Alert classification.” See the official FCC release here.  The FCC advises EAS participants to upgrade, if neccessary, EAS equipment software and firmware to the most recent version.  Stations should consult with their equipment manufacturer for any potential updates.

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