Michigan Democrats Call to ‘End Citizens United’

Seven of Michigan’s Democratic congressional candidates are among the 107 candidates nationally who signed a letter led by the group End Citizens United urging Congress to take up elections reform as a first priority in the 2019-2020 session.

Elissa Slotkin of Holly in the 8th District, Matthew Morgan of Traverse City in the 1st District, Robert Davidson in the 2nd District, Matt Longjohn in the 6th District, Gretchen Driskell in the 7th District, Andy Levin in the 9th District and Haley Stevens in the 11th District all signed the letter.

The letter reads in part: “We share the American people’s impatience and frustration over the lack of reforms and transparency and the role of money in our politics. We hear day in and day out that special interests are drowning out the voices of everyday citizens – to the point where many Americans no longer believe their votes even count.  Restoring faith in our elections and in the integrity of our elected officials should be a top priority that all members of Congress can agree upon.”

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