MSU Asks Broadcasters to Fill Out Survey on Voice Disorders

The Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University has asked Michigan’s radio and television stations for their assistance with a study on work-related conditions associated with voice disorders among broadcasters.

In reaching out to the MAB, Research Associate Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva writes:  “Broadcasters have been identified, among occupational voice users, as part of the group with high vocal demands in terms of voice quality. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of studies on the occurrence and work-related factors of voice symptoms that would impact their voice quality.

It has been suggested that a higher occurrence of voice disorders among occupational voice users (such as teachers, singers, call center workers, and broadcasters) may be partially associated with work-related conditions, such as prolonged periods of work-related voice use (vocal load), and noise levels and acoustic conditions at the workplaces. While a large number of studies have examined the influence of work-related factors on voice production among occupational voice users, few have looked at the effect among broadcasters specifically.

Therefore, this survey was designed to explore perceptions of voice function, work-related factors and possible consequences of voice disorders among broadcasters. The results of this survey can give us an insight on the work-related communicative profile of this occupational group.”

Please help MSU by filling out the survey here.

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