NAB Files Comments to End Main Studio Rule

NABThe National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) recently filed comments in support of the FCC’s proposal to eliminate the agency’s main studio rule. The organization asserts that the rule is outdated and unnecessary.

It its statement, the NAB wrote: “The rule was designed to facilitate input from the community and station participation in community activities through physical access to the local studio, and was conceived nearly eighty years ago. Today, however, widespread use of electronic communications enables efficient interaction between stations and their communities of license without the need for the physical presence of a studio.”

In addition, the association said: “The elimination of the main studio rule and related staffing and equipment requirements will reduce regulatory burdens on broadcasters, resulting in cost savings and other efficiencies that will allow stations to better serve their audiences.”

The main studio rule was created more than 70 years ago when physical access to a studio was likely the principal means for viewers and listeners to interact with station personnel.

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