National EAS Test Successful; Don’t Forget Reporting

eas-logo_300On September 28, broadcasters in Michigan and nationwide conducted the first national test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) in five years and the first-ever using the IPAWS infrastructure.  Initial feedback showed the test was generally successful.  The MAB received only two informal reports of a stations having difficulties and those were confined to the retransmission end of the test.  Nationally, some areas reported difficulties; most of which appeared to be confined to configuration of station equipment.  In a post-test conference call with nationwide SECC (State Emergency Communications Committee) chairs, FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) received accolades for the audio quality of the test.

Reminder on the reporting requirements:  Stations were required to go online and file ETRS Form Two by midnight on September 28.

ETRS Form Three, which asks for more detailed information regarding the test is due on or before November 14, 2016.

For information on how to navigate to the proper forms within ETRS, see the article in our last newsletter here.

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