Pai Revokes Wheeler’s Regulations

fcc-logo_dark-blueFCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the commission was revoking a number of orders and reports issued in previous Chairman Tom Wheeler’s term, what Pai called “midnight regulations.” Pai said, “In the waning days of the last administration, the Federal Communications Commission’s bureaus and offices released a series of controversial orders and reports. In some cases, commissioners were given no advance notice whatsoever of these midnight regulations.”

Among the repealed orders was one requiring tougher scrutiny of any joint sales and shared services agreements proposed by the broadcasters. NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton said: “NAB is pleased that Chairman Pai is eliminating unlawful and arbitrary processing guidelines governing broadcast joint sales and shared service agreements. These regulations unfairly punished smaller broadcasters attempting to conserve resources to reinvest in localism and high quality programming.”

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