Regional EAS Meetings Continue

Standish meeting on October 30.

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) and Michigan State Police (MSP) are coordinating regional EAS/Local Emergency Communication Committee (LECC) meetings around the state.  The purpose of the meetings is to discuss ways of improving emergency alerting, including EAS within the state.

Thus far, meetings have been held in Oak Park, Standish, Marquette and Grayling.  Additional meetings (so far) are scheduled:

  • November 6: Taylor
  • November 9:  Kalamazoo
  • November 27: Big Rapids
  • November 30: Howell

All local EAS primary stations serving the appropriate meetings are being invited to participate in these meetings.  Other broadcasters are invited to attend if they desire.

Thus far, the three primary areas the broadcasters would like to see from an improved statewide effort included better audio from the alerting authorities, better communication to radio and TV stations from the local emergency management, plus “First Responder” designations, so broadcast personnel could access their facilities when roads and other passage may be restricted.

One other area directly impacting broadcasters is the desire to be certain that broadcast stations have their EAS equipment set up properly to pass along alerts.  This is primarily for the stations downstream from the local primary stations.

Following these meetings, MSP, in January, will review the information gathered from these meetings to formulate an action plan for improving emergency communications, including EAS.

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