Senate Committee Approves First Round of Opiate Bills

MI Broadcasters Fight Opiate Abuse

The MAB wants to know what your station is doing to help end Opiate abuse. Please share with the MAB about the PSAs you are airing, programs, news coverage, town hall meetings, special reports and events. Send footage and photo’s of the event. Tell us the outcome. We want to feature your activities in MAB News Briefs and the MAB will be putting together a special report on Michigan Broadcasters Fight Opiate Abuse. We will present that to Governor Snyder and his Cabinet along with the collective amount of donated time Michigan Broadcasters gave to this important cause. Thanks for sending us your coverage today.  Email:

The Senate Health Policy Committee has voted on bills targeting the prescribing of opiates and licensing sanctions against those who violate the rules. Among the bills reported out of the committee last week was the requirement that anyone receiving opioids have a demonstrated relationship with the prescribing physician (SB 270).

This bill would require the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, in conjunction with the appropriate licensing boards, to promulgate rules describing such a relationship. The prescribing medical professional would still, before issuing the prescription, have to pull and review a report on the patient’s prescription history to look for possible problems. More controlled substance prescriptions would be reported to the Michigan Automated Prescription System. Prevention of opiate abuse has garnered nationwide attention with Congress and many state legislatures introducing measures to curb the abuse epidemic.

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