State Senator Working on Bills to Block ISPs, Search Engines from Selling Info

Rick Jones
Sen. Rick Jones (R-24)

Senator Rick Jones (R-24) announced that he is working on legislation to protect the privacy of Michigan residents using the internet in light of the federal government’s recent actions to repeal internet privacy rules.  The rules would have required internet service providers to get consent before using or selling certain data for targeted advertising.

Jones requested two bills to be drafted that would: (1) block internet service providers from selling personal information without residents’ permission, and (2) stop search engines from doing the same. Data protected by the bills includes web browsing history, app usage history, geo location and financial and medical information. “In today’s digital economy, consumer information can be valuable and – if in the wrong hands – can be dangerous,” Jones said in a press release. “In the marketplace of information, each Michigan resident deserves the ability to have a say about what kind of data about them is being collected and sold. That is what my bills will do.”

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