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Jennifer Williams Promoted to VP of Digital Marketing at Beasley

Jennifer Williams

Beasley Media Group LLC, a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., has announced that Jennifer Williams has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Digital Marketing at Beasley Media Group.

In her new role, Williams will be responsible for marketing the company’s digital content platforms and leveraging data to drive traffic, audience engagement and advertiser growth.

Williams most recently served as the Director of Interactive Marketing. Prior to joining Beasley Media Group, she spent nearly 20 years at Greater Media, Inc. (GMI), where Williams worked as the director of digital marketing and was responsible for overseeing the interactive marketing efforts on behalf of the company’s 20 radio properties. She joined the organization as the marketing director of WCSX-FM in 1997.

The radio veteran also held on-air and marketing director positions at WODJ-FM (Grand Rapids), WJXQ-FM (Lansing) and WIBM-AM (Jackson).

“Jennifer’s programming background, combined with her digital knowledge, marketing expertise and can-do attitude made her the perfect choice to lead Beasley Media Group’s digital marketing efforts as we continue to diversify and extend our brands into the multi-platform arena,” said Chief Digital Content Officer Lori Burgess.

A graduate of Albion College, Williams is a past chair and current board member of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation. She also serves on the executive committee of the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group.

To My General Manager: A few things I Would Like To Tell You…

Gary Berkowitz

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy.

By: Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

Dear General Manager,

There are a few things that have been on my mind. Please allow me this letter to tell you.

PD’s need positive reinforcement too. Since most GM’s come from sales, they sometimes treat the PD different. If you haven’t figured this out yet, us PD’s can be a weird combination of sensitive, paranoid and “artsy-craftsy.” Yes, at times, we are not easy to manage, but that’s why you’re there. Tell me when you hear something you like or something you heard that got your attention. Positive or negative, I need to know you’re listening and paying attention.

Please know this. I understand that we are a business and I get how we make revenues. At the same time, please realize that the #1 complaint I get from listeners is not about the music. It’s that we play too many commercials. If we’re going to kill it with way too many spots, please don’t complain to me when the ratings are released and don’t look good. I may need to remind you of this conversation. “We have to add another unit, but they won’t notice.” Trust me. They notice.

When you walk around the building, please put a smile on your face. Even though things are not always perfect, its important for all of us to see you feeling good and most important, confident. You really do set the tone of the building. When (and if) the trades are buzzing (for better or worse) about our company, please address it. We dislike rumors as much as you do.

When you tell me about what your wife and her friends think, you lose credibility with me. I love input, but the “My Wife and her friends” line wears thin, quick.

Let me help with promotions. It’s my specialty. I hate it when the AE walks in trying to slam a promotion down my throat (since they have already agreed to it). Bring me into the discussion before we present and more important, commit. In most cases, we will be able to offer a better promotion that will work for the client as well as our station. I’m happy to work with the AE’s on the proposal. I know where and how it will best fit into the station brand.

The most important thing you can do for me (as your PD) is communicate what is going on. Be honest, especially when things are not good. I’m better when I know.

Change is inevitable. Everyone in the programming dept knows that. Can you be the first GM to allow air talent to say goodbye when the time comes? Why is it that when TV people leave, they usually get to say they are moving on. In radio, personalities just disappear in thin air. Listeners do not like that. I realize there are some circumstances where we cannot allow a talent to say something, but many times a quick goodbye would go over well with our audience. We’re always trying to build a relationship with listeners. Then at the end, their favorite DJ just disappears. Trust that I will know which talent can be trusted to leave in a positive way and say goodbye to the listeners.

Can it wait until after my air shift? I realize you have deadlines but discussing it with me when I’m on the air is never good. No matter what you’d like to discuss, it will most likely distract me and that’s never good. Whether I’m live or voice-tracking, please…can it wait?

Yes, I need a small “expense budget” for my airstaff. Spending time away from the station with talent is important. I would love to be able to take them out for a lunch every now and then. This will reap big rewards.

In conclusion: Programming people are like middle children. We aim to please. We get up every morning with the goal of winning by doing great radio. We’re in it because we love it. Please be our leader and know that our goal is to make the radio station successful with both our listeners and the inside people who make it happen 24/7.

Gary Berkowitz is President of Detroit based Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, specializing in ratings improvement for AC radio stations. www.garyberk.com

How to Send Your Fans Only the Most Relevant Mobile App Push Notifications

Seth Resler

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy.

By: Seth Resler
Jacobs Media Strategies

Last week, I suggested five instances in which radio stations might want to send a push notification to listeners who have downloaded their mobile app. I issued a warning, however: if you send more than one push notification per week, you nearly quadruple the chances that listeners will stop using your app. So what should your radio station do during those hectic summer weeks when Foo Fighters tickets go on sale, Green Day is doing a live in-studio interview and you’re giving away $10,000 in cash? Each of these events warrants a push notification individually, but do you really want to risk a backlash by sending them all out?

Of course, you could decide to only send a push notification for one of these things and ignore the other two. But a better option is to give your listeners the option of selecting which types of push notifications they want to receive. One listener may love your station’s contests but never pay to go to concerts, while another might love your morning show but not care about local bands. By allowing these listeners to choose which types of notifications they want to receive, you can decrease the chances that they will get annoyed and stop using your station’s app.

Here’s what it looks like from the listeners’ point of view:

1. Listeners go to the mobile app’s settings:
2. They select the types of notifications they wish to receive:

3. With the settings above, the listener would receive the notification on the left, but not the one on the right:

Our sister company, jācapps, specializes in building mobile apps for radio stations. When you’ve set up your station’s mobile app to send targeted push notifications like this, here’s what it looks like in the back end:

1. Log into the mobile app’s web-based backend and head to the Push Notifications section:

2. The types or groups of push notifications are called “Topics.” In this case, WKRP has a group called “Contests.” Note that you have the option of having listeners opt into a topic by default or not.

3. We’ll create a new message to send to both our iOS and Android mobile app users.

4. We’ll schedule this push notification to send before our contest, which we know will happen in the first break of the 6:00pm hour.

5. We’ll write our message.

6. We’ll review it one last time before scheduling it to go out.

7. After the message is sent, we can see how it performed by reviewing the analytics.

Whether your station’s mobile app is built by jācapps or not, using these types of groups to send the most relevant messages is key to engaging with your listeners without driving them to delete your app.

For more assistance on digital or social media, contact MAB Member Services at [email protected] or 1-800-968-7622.

Sage Releases ENDEC Firmware Upgrade

RadioWorld reports that EAS equipment maker Sage Alerting Systems has announced a firmware upgrade for its ENDEC Model 3644.  The upgrade, #89-32, adds Blue Alert functionality. Blue Alerts are warnings about police that may be in trouble or are issuing a related emergency message. They are currently voluntary.

The company adds, “The release notes also address a check that you will need to perform if you have used the old “new event” option in the settings file.”

Sage has provided release notes here.

On the Innovation Stage: T-Mobile Presents Wireless Mics

#MABshow Session Highlight!March 6 @  11:30am

Katie Miller

Katie Miller’s session will highlight T-Mobile’s 600 MHz deployments and how it impacts the use of wireless microphones in the 600 MHz bands.

The session is one of many great breakouts that will be apart of the 2019 Great Lakes Media Show on March 5 and 6 at the Lansing Center. Click here to see the full schedule of events and register. 

Katie is currently assigned to T-Mobile’s National Development strategic program team as the manager of National Outreach on the Spectrum Management team. Her professional expertise is focused on spectrum clearing and repacking and broadcaster outreach. This broadcaster-focused work is now in high gear and the team has cleared tens of markets earlier than planned for by the FCC.

During her 5-plus years of employment with T-Mobile, Katie managed T-Mobile Towers leasing and operations and finalized the sale of over 600 towers, management of field and office personnel, oversight of tower modification and customer colocation installation, and a specialized program to find unlicensed equipment on owned towers and collected over $4M in unrealized revenue.

Prior to her tenure at T-Mobile, Katie was a project associate for RealCom Associates. Katie is knowledgeable with all aspects of site development and she assisted in the network development of Verizon LTE, Clearwire (specializing in Sprint Co-Planes), T-Mobile Modifications, and AT&T Modifications utilizing her existing contacts and relationships. Specifically, Katie was very successful with the resolution of tower decommissioning and landlord relations for AT&T in the Pacific Northwest Market.

Along with her professional career, she is busy with volunteer associations as well. Katie is the President of the Northwest Wireless Association, and a founding member since 2011 on the board of the South Wireless Summit which has grown to nine associations across the Southern United States with over 500 attendees yearly. Katie is also a sustaining member of the Junior League of Seattle.

Katie lives in Bellevue, WA and is completing her studies at Ashford University with a Bachelors in Business Economics.

WDIV Steps Up To Help Fed Workers On Shutdown

During the recent government shutdown, federal workers in Michigan who were out of work were able to turn to WDIV-TV (Detroit) consumer reporter Hank Winchester (“Help Me Hank”), who provided news coverage that offers insight and resources for workers trying to stay afloat without getting a paycheck.

“As a station we believe we have an obligation to use our resources to connect viewers with local companies and agencies that can help them weather the hard times. Hank and his consumer team continue to play an important role,” said Kim Voet, WDIV’s news director.

On January 16, the station hosted an all-day event with news coverage that offered insight and resources for workers who are trying to stay afloat without getting a paycheck.  Topics included:

  • Freebies being offered by companies, retailers and stores to help
  • How to preserve your credit
  • What to do about mortgage or rent payments
  • Nonprofits that are helping out
  • How to handle medical bills

Cumulus Media Promotes Steve Finateri to Detroit VP/Market Manager

Steve Finateri

Cumulus Media announced January 30 that it has promoted veteran Detroit broadcaster Steve Finateri to Vice President/Market Manager for Cumulus Detroit and its group of four radio stations. Finateri, a Detroit radio professional for over 30 years, rises from his previous position as Director of Sales for WJR, a position he has held since 2011.

He fills the opening created by Tom O’Brien’s retirement at the end of 2018.

Finateri joined Cumulus in 2006 as National Sales Manager for Detroit News/Talk station WJR, and became Local Sales Manager for WJR in 2008. He began his career in talk radio as a Retail Account Manager in 1986 for Fritz Broadcasting’s WXYT, moved to Clear Channel/iHeartMedia’s WNIC as Senior Account Manager in 1995 and on to Local Sales Manager for CBS Radio’s WVMV in 2002. Finateri holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Dave Milner, Executive Vice President, Operations, Cumulus Media,  said: “Steve’s performance and success leading WJR’s sales team, along with his deep understanding of the Detroit media and advertising market made him the obvious choice to run our Cumulus cluster in the Motor City.”

Finateri said: “It’s a privilege and an honor to represent such an elite team of media professionals. Our Cumulus Detroit radio stations reach over 1.6 million listeners weekly, delivering over 42% of Metro Detroit’s total population, even more when you include WJR’s booming regional signal that adds significant listenership throughout Michigan. Cumulus Detroit has Michigan’s most well-known and beloved radio personalities and is the home of The Detroit Lions Radio Network and flagship for Michigan State University Football and Basketball. Those assets, coupled with Cumulus Media’s robust suite of sophisticated digital offerings, give us all the horsepower we need to be the one-stop shop for effective marketing campaigns for our customers who range from local businesses on up to Michigan’s largest companies.”

WXYT Hosts Receive Accolades In Nationwide Poll

(Left) Jamie and Stoney w/Heather. (Right) Mike Valenti.

In a new nationwide pole of Fifty-one radio executives from thirty cities and thirteen companies conducted by Barrett Sports Media (BSM), WXYT-FM (Detroit) morning personalities Jamie and Stoney w/Heather and afternoon personality Mike Valenti were voted #16 and #2 for their respective time periods.

Voters considered the following criteria when judging the format’s best programs. BSM notes that each voter values certain things more than others, so  they try to gather everyone’s feedback, add it all up, and present a collective snapshot of what industry executives think.

  • Strong ratings in 2018
  • Important show/brand connection with local listeners
  • Exceptional talent and content provided on a consistent basis
  • Finished 2018 with the station and in the morning drive timeslot
  • Points are given for each spot (EX: 20 for 1st, 1 for 20th)

See the complete list of morning show voting results here.
See the complete list of afternoon show voting results here.

WXYZ Names Bill Ford Jr. Newsmaker of the Year

(L-R) Mike Murri, WXYZ and WMYD vice president and general manager, Bill Ford Jr., Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, Chuck Stokes, WXYZ and WMYD editorial and public affairs director.

WXYZ-TV (Detroit) has named Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford Jr., the Channel 7 Newsmaker of the Year. In 2018, Ford generated international attention when the Ford Motor Company purchased the century-old Michigan Central Station that had long been a symbol of Detroit’s decline.

Ford’s plans for redevelopment in Detroit also include a 1.2 million-square-foot mobility campus where high-tech vehicles of the future will be designed and created. This new effort is expected to attract America’s top talent to the Motor City.

“We are honored to recognize Bill Ford Jr. as WXYZ’s Newsmaker of the Year for his vision, leadership and commitment to our community,” said Mike Murri, WXYZ and WMYD vice president and general manager. “He has been a catalyst for Detroit’s revitalization with ambitious projects that will create a new era of innovation in the city where his great-grandfather put the world on wheels.”

Bill Ford Jr. shared his vision for Detroit and the future of transportation when he was interviewed by Chuck Stokes on the Spotlight on the News “Newsmaker of the Year” special February 27.

WKCQ’s Kevin Profitt Set To Retire In March

Kevin Profitt

Longtime MacDonald Broadcasting/WKCQ-FM (Saginaw) air personality Ken Profitt has announced his retirement, effective Friday, March 22.  Profitt spent 38 years with the company as an on-air host and, in recent years, served as Assistant Program Director.

Profitt begain his career in Bad Axe, and after 18 months, moved to Saginaw in 1981 to work at WKCQ.   “We are appreciative of KP’s many years of service to WKCQ through his long running successful midday show and all of the other duties he has taken on for the team over almost 38 years,” VP Cindy Tuck said in a station memo.