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Associate Member Highlight: Speedy Spots

The staff of Speedy Spots, Inc. and Audio Acres

audio_acres_300After graduating from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts (now known as “Specs Howard School of Media Arts”) in Southfield and Siena Heights University in Adrian, Chelsea native Jeff Van Riper spent several years at television and radio stations in Escanaba, Suburban Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Jackson and Alpena. In 1998, Jeff discovered a service niche of providing high-quality voice overs to these stations with quick turnaround, at a very affordable cost, and with outstanding customer service.

Control Room

Nearly 20 years later, SpeedySpots.com has produced nearly two million English and Spanish-language voice overs for customers worldwide. Repetition is reputation, and Speedy Spots’ staff, along with specially-selected voice talents from across North and South America, have fully realized the formula that has made Speedy Spots so successful: “Do it fast, do it well and do it for an affordable price.”


In 2015, Jeff expanded upon this effective concept with the introduction of Audio Acres (AudioAcres.com), a small-scale, state-of-the-art recording studio. Audio Acres provides the latest in digital audio and video technology, while still being an affordable option for solo singer-songwriters, small acoustic and electric combos, audiobooks and Student Audition videos. You can see more on their Facebook page (FaceBook/AudioAcres).

Speedy Spots-Audio Acres_300
Chelsea, Michigan headquarters

Together, Speedy Spots and Audio Acres can provide a wide range of high-quality audio-visual services, that won’t exceed your budget or your deadline. Their staff is the finest you will find anywhere and is the reason for their continued success. Find out what they can do for you at www.speedyspots.com or www.audioacres.com.

Geary Morrill Promoted at Alpha Media

Morrill_300Longtime WSGW-AM/FM, WGER-FM, WCEN-FM and WTLZ-FM (Saginaw) Technical Manager Geary Morrill has been promoted to Midwest Regional Director of Engineering for parent company Alpha Media.

Morrill was one of three engineers nationwide promoted to regional positions on July 1.  Each were cited for their passion for new challenges and demonstrated track record of completing major projects.

Morrill will work with Alpha’s corporate engineer, market chief engineers and regional EVPs to implement Alpha’s major capital projects and signal improvements, as well as dealing with regulatory compliance matters.

The MAB extends its congratulations to Geary!

MSC Rules Police Held Harmless For Lying In Certain Circumstances

MIsupremeIn a unanimous opinion issued by the Michigan Supreme Court (MSC), the panel of judges held that police officers, regardless of whether they lie, cannot be charged criminally from an involuntary statement. The court, acting in People v. Harris (SC docket No. 149872), overturned a decision by the Court of Appeals. The case examined whether three Detroit officers could be charged with obstruction of justice after lying in an internal investigation about whether one of them, Officer Nevin Hughes, assaulted a person while on duty. The issue was whether the Disclosures by Law Enforcement Officers Act (DLEOA) rendered the charge invalid. The DLEOA protects officers making “involuntary statements,” meaning information provided at the threat of any employment sanction, from use in a subsequent criminal proceeding.

In an opinion authored by Justice Brian Zahra, the Supreme Court held that the law’s intent was to allow officers to provide information during internal investigations, seemingly with immunity from prosecution to encourage truthfulness, although this seems to have caused the opposite to occur in this instance, noted Justice Zahra.

Engineering Spotlight: Allan Augustyn, WJMN-TV (Marquette)

Nominate an engineer you know!  Email Dan Kelley at [email protected].

Allan_Augustine_300Allan Augustyn (W8FYZ)  is Chief Engineer for Nexstar Broadcasting Group’s WJMN-TV, Marquette.

Q: Please share with us a brief engineering resume.
I have been the Chief for over 2 years, since WJMN’s full HD studios were built in the spring of 2014 in Marquette and local news was launched.

I was previously chief engineer for twelve and a half years (12.5) at the Radio Results Network in Escanaba, Michigan (then a five station group).

Previous to becoming a chief engineer, I did contract engineering work for a couple of years for various radio groups in Upper Michigan while being employed full-time in another industry.

Q: How did you get started in broadcast engineering?
Allan:  I was already doing some Contract work with a friend when I ran into a former College Classmate and Ham-Radio friend at the gas station who told me a radio group was looking for an Engineer…I asked him why he was not interested…he stated he was not interested in the long hours, being on call and dealing with GM’s….I should have taken better note of that.

I worked in Radio in the “on-Air” side (DJ and production) from 1978 to 1985, vowing to never work in radio again when I left…

My first job out of engineering school was blowing things up at Underwriters Laboratories as an engineering technician.

I also worked in high-Tech electronic security in the Defense Industry and later for a Controls company venturing into security, fire alarm and CCTV, and spent 8 years travelling the U.S. and Canada, consulting, designing, selling and marketing large building systems.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that very few people know…
Allan:  I used to be a “safe-cracker” and traveled around the U.S. busting into safes and bank vaults.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Allan:  “Be patient…what goes around, comes around;” and “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness then permission.”