The Robinson Report: No Small Parts

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KevinRobBy: Kevin Robinson
Robinson Media

If you’re in the small club to see the TOP of the Statue of Liberty, you’ll find immaculate detail that rivals all other parts of Lady Liberty.

So, why is this a – thing?

In September 1875, there were no flying machines.

Yet French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi put as much time and detail into a place that he knew would never be viewed by the public – as all other small parts of his budding figure.

Audio products are the same.

The often cast-aside “small parts” are the things that take a brand from good – to great!

How a brand is “processed” – makes a difference.

Although many don’t even consider it a “part.”

Every piece of imaging – every song – each break has individual nuances.

How they blend together is an art – often lost on those who have only created sound by machine.

Jingle packages used to have cuts that had clear transitions between differing tempos and keys.

Not simply “spots” – as many are produced today.

That’s why, when commenting on the details of “scoring” an audio brand at a recent conference, the words hit me below the belt.

“I don’t think the listener notices, you know, things like that,” she said.


True story –after installing a new automation system at a station, it began to crash with regularity.

The engineers discovered the talent was “moving” too many parts between elements.

To create a superior sound – scored to perfection.

After hearing that story, a well-respected group head noted “That’s why you’re #1”.

When mastering sonics the greats know there are no small parts.

You hear it – your thought bubble, when you do, is something like:

“I wouldn’t have done it that way…”

Listen to your small parts. How are they playing together?

Don’t hear the difference in the small parts – the atmospherics?

I know a guy.

Kevin Robinson is a record-setting and award-winning programmer. His brands consistently perform in the Top 3 of the target – often times as the list leader. In his 35 years of radio, he’s successfully programmed or consulted nearly every English language radio brand. Known largely as a trusted talent coach, he’s the only personality mentor who’s coached three different morning shows on three different stations in the same major market to the #1 position. His efforts have been recognized by Radio & Records, NAB’s Marconi, Radio Ink, and has coached CMA, ACM and Marconi winning talent. Kevin was a featured speaker at the 2017 Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference (GLBC) in Lansing.  He lives in St. Louis with his wife of 30 years, Monica. Reach Kevin at (314) 882-2148 or

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