This One WordPress Plugin Is Responsible for 16% of Our Website Pageviews

Seth Resler

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By: Seth Resler
Jacobs Media Strategies

As radio broadcasters, we don’t give much thought to recycling our content. The medium is fleeting; we do an on-air break, and then it disappears into the ether. Once we wrap up a show, we’re looking ahead to the next one.

But the internet gives us an opportunity to recycle evergreen content. People may still want to hear last year’s interview with Beyonce, Jim Gaffigan, or the local quarterback. By resurfacing that content — putting it back in front of our listeners — we can get more life out of it.

I’ve written about using automated email campaigns to recycle evergreen content, and how search engines like Google can also send people to your website content long after it’s been published. But social media can also be used for this purpose. We’ve seen that with our own blog.

When we relaunched the Jacobs Media website last year, I installed a WordPress plugin called “Revive Old Post.” It takes older blogposts that meet certain criteria and randomly reshares them on our social media accounts a few times a day. It recycles our content on autopilot; we don’t have to lift a finger.

When I first installed the plugin, Fred noticed right away. “Why is this post getting a bunch of views? I wrote it weeks ago!” he would say. Sure enough, some of our blogposts would see more traffic after getting reshared by the plugin than they did when they were initially published.

Earlier this week, I was reviewing our Google Analytics data and crunched some numbers. Since the launch of the new site, the Revive Old Post plugin has been responsible for about 16% of all of our pageviews. Simply installing a plugin that recycles older content has given our website a noticeable boost in traffic!

Your station should also develop a strategy to recycle content on social media. It could provide an easy traffic increase.

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