Use Pinterest and Thanksgiving Recipes to Drive Traffic to Your Radio Station’s Website

Seth Resler
Seth Resler

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By: Seth Resler
Jacobs Media Strategies

When it comes to social media, we encourage radio stations to focus the bulk of their time on Facebook, as it is far and away the most frequently used social network. While concerts and promotional appearances can offer great opportunities for radio stations to post photos with Instagram, we don’t spend much time talking about the photo-sharing site Pinterest.

However, Pinterest is a favorite tool among food bloggers, and as we approach Thanksgiving — a holiday that revolves around food — it’s a good opportunity for radio stations to find out why. Food bloggers who share recipes on their sites like to post mouth-watering photos of finished dishes to Pinterest. Along with the photo, they encourage people to visit their site for the recipe, and provide a clickable link.


Pinterest is typically a better tool for driving people back to your website with photos than Instagram, because with Pinterest you can include a unique, clickable link with each photo; on Instagram, the only clickable link to your site is in the account profile, which few people read. Because of this difference, Pinterest is a much better way for “how to” bloggers to drive traffic back to their sites. Whether it’s a recipe, an outfit, or a DIY project, simply post a photo of the finished project on Pinterest and include a link back to a webpage with instructions.

How Your Radio Station Can Use This Technique

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity for your airstaff to share their favorite holiday recipes with listeners. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Create a blogpost or webpage with the DJ’s recipe on it. For example, you might post DJ No Name’s Green Bean Casserole at
  2. Post a photo of the finished dish and post it to the radio station’s Pinterest account. Include a link to the recipe post with your pinned photo.
  3. You can also share the recipe on other social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter.
  4. If you compile recipes from every DJ on your staff, create a vanity URL for the recipe archive, such as
  5. Run a recorded promo or sweeper on the air encouraging listeners to visit that URL.

Keep an eye on your site’s Google Analytics data to see where the web traffic to your recipe page is coming from. If it’s “direct traffic” (meaning that people type the “” URL directly into their browser), people are visiting the recipes because they heard about them on the air. Compare this to the number of people who visit these pages by way of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other channels. This will tell you where to focus your social media efforts. Does Pinterest perform better for food recipes that other content on your site? If so, are there other similar types of DIY content that your radio station can post on your site and promote using Pinterest?

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