WWTV/WWUP-TV Receive Drone Certification

Heritage Broadcasting’s WWTV-WWUP-TV (Cadillac) is soaring to new heights and taking the viewers along. Northern Michigan’s News Leader just announced the successful completion of the drone certification program through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This drone authorization will bring previously unattainable sights to viewers across Northern Michigan. The use of a drone in news coverage allows for a birds eye view coverage on everything from a natural disaster to showcasing all the beauty that Northern Michigan has to offer. The drone footage will be used to provide an unique and interesting element that will tell the story like no one else in the area can.

“Being able to provide our audience with such an extraordinary method of footage is just another testimony to why we are Northern Michigan’s News Leader. We take great pride in delivering the best coverage and telling the great stories of Northern Michigan. We are proud to be able to invest in technology to continue to provide cutting-edge and unsurpassed information to our viewers,” says Kevin Dunaway, Vice President/General Manager.

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