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‘Content’ or ‘Companionship’

Gary Berkowitz

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy.

By: Gary Berkowitz
Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

OK, I’m going to say it. “Companionship” is more important than “Content.” Sure content is the buzzword these days but it takes a special something to be considered a “companion.” Yes, its great to have both but nothing causes more occurrences of listening on a daily basis than being a “companion” that the listener enjoys spending time with day after day. Content may get em sometimes. Be their companion, and they will always be with you.

Why is so much radio content “low hanging fruit”? Radio seems to always go for the easy to find, not always compelling material. One of the PD’s I work with refers to bad content as “low hanging fruit.” If you’re going to do content it must not only be compelling, but of high interest to your demos and listeners. After all, can you imagine “The Today Show” doing “This Day in History”? Not gonna happen! Unless you have killer content, another song will serve you better.

Do you have a “relationship” with your P1 core? The #1 and most important element to getting consistently strong ratings. You can play all the right songs; have all the right sweepers and the best jingles in the market. If you’re missing that hard to describe link that bonds the listener to your station, the ratings will most likely not be there. This is where your personalities come into play. They are “The Secret Sauce” between the music.

In sales they say “People buy from people they like.” In programming its “People listen to people they like.” Is your station likable? Think about “content or companionship.”

New Music is weak right now with AC’s biggest “feeder format” CHR. Don’t fall prey to “we have to freshen up.” Playing proven, familiar music still wins out every time. Discipline is needed now, and yes, this can change at anytime.

Gary Berkowitz is President of Detroit based Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, specializing in ratings improvement for AC radio stations.

Sales Motivators

Dick Taylor

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy.

By: Dick Taylor,  CRMC/CDMC

This week, I thought it might be fun to share some of the sales motivators I’ve used over the years. I hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration from reading them.

      • Eighty percent of success in life is showing up. -Woody Allen
      • Fail your way to success…

        • Deal with rejection: You’re not judged by the number of times you fail, but by the number of times you succeed. However, the number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you can fail and keep on trying!
      • SW, SW, SW. Next!
        • Some people get hung up on rejection, while others are fueled by it. Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Now move on!
      • Life is made up of small pleasures.
        • Happiness is made up of those tiny successes, the big ones come too infrequently. If you don’t have all of those zillions of tiny successes, the big ones don’t mean anything. -Norman Lear
    • Babe Ruth hit 714 Home Runs. He also struck out 1,330 times.
    • What Is Hustle?
      • Hustle is doing something that everyone is absolutely certain can’t be done
      • Hustle is getting the order because you got their first, or stayed with it after everyone else gave up
      • Hustle is shoe leather and elbow grease and sweat and missing lunch
      • Hustle is getting prospects to say “yes” after they’ve said “no” twenty times
      • Hustle is doing more unto a customer than the other guy is doing unto him
      • Hustle is believing in yourself and the business you’re in
      • Hustle is the sheer joy of winning
      • Hustle is being the sorest loser in town
      • Hustle is hating to take a vacation because you might miss a piece of the action
      • Hustle is heaven if you’re a hustler
      • Hustle is hell if you’re not
    • Listen More and Sell More

      • As a salesperson, you probably spend as much as half your time listening. But scientific tests show that most people listen at an efficiency level of only about 25%. Here are five guidelines for effective listening that should help you get more out of what your customer is saying:
        1. Find areas of interest, even in dry subjects. Listen to every subject for useful information.
        2. Listen for ideas, not just facts.
        3. Hold your fire. Don’t judge what a person has said until you completely understand it.
        4. Fight distractions. Concentrate. Learn to tolerate a speaker’s bad habits.
        5. Listen to difficult, heavy material as an exercise for your mind.
  • Don’t Quit

Is that what you want to do?


Anybody can do that.

Takes no talent.

Takes no guts.

It’s exactly what your adversaries hope you will do.

Get your facts straight.

Know what you’re talking about.

And keep going.

In the 1948 Presidential election, the nation’s leading political reporters all predicted that Harry Truman would lose.

He won.

Winston Churchill said, “Never give in. Never. Never.”

Sir Winston stuck his chin out and wouldn’t quit.

Try sticking out your chin.

Don’t give up.


  • NOTICE: If you ever want to sell your product to our company, be sure your product is accompanied by a plan, which will so help our business that we will be more anxious to buy than you are to sell. -D.W.Beverage, Jr. and Associates

Just some of the thoughts that inspired me when I started out in radio sales.

Thoughts that I also shared as I moved up to sales manager, station manager, general manager and market manager.

Thoughts I would share with my students in my broadcast sales classes too.

Got a quote or story that has inspired you?

Please share it in the comments section.

Thank You for helping me to pay-it-forward to the next generation.

Reprinted by permission.

Dick Taylor has been “Radio Guy” all his life and is a former professor of broadcasting at the School of Journalism & Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, Kentucky and he’s currently seeking his next adventure.  Dick shares his thoughts on radio and media frequently at

MAB Foundation Seeks Summer Raffle Prizes

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Do you have a big-ticket item or experience to donate to the MAB Foundation for the summer raffle? Every year at the Summer Advocacy Conference, the MAB Foundation hosts an exciting raffle drawing for MAB members and their families.  Past prizes have included:

  • Sporting Game Tickets
  • Northern Michigan Cottage Vacation
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  • Overnight Resort Stays
  • Theater Tickets
Proceeds from the raffle help to benefit the MAB Foundation and will fund educational opportunities for broadcasting students and professionals. Donations to the MAB Foundation may be tax deductible. If you would like to donate a prize, please contact Rachel Krause at [email protected] or 517-484-7444.

Whitmer Names Committee to Find Running Mate

Gretchen Whitmer

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer announced the creation of a committee to help select a likely running mate.

Committee members, who will conduct a statewide process of recruiting and interviewing possible candidates for lieutenant governor, include former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, University of Michigan regent Mark Bernstein, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade.

The actual candidate for lieutenant governor will be picked by the party’s formal nominating convention held after the August 7 primary.

Court Upholds Snyder’s Schedule for Special Election to Replace Conyers

Gov. Snyder

Gov. Rick Snyder’s special election schedule to replace former U. S. Rep. John Conyers Jr. was upheld by a U.S. District Court judge.

The judge denied the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction ordering Snyder to call an earlier election than the August 7 primary and November 6 general election to fill the remainder of Rep. Conyers’ term. The court ruled that Michigan law gives ‘broad discretion to the governor’ in scheduling special elections.

DOJ to Review ASCAP, BMI Consent Decrees

According to the report in Inside Radio, the Justice Department has announced that it will review the consent decrees with ASCAP and BMI to determine if they are still relevant in today’s media marketplace. DOJ is reviewing all 1,300 consent decrees for relevance.

“If they have solved the competitive problem, they could become anti-competitive tools over time if they still exist,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Makan Delrahim, who oversees the DOJ’s Antitrust Division. “We will begin sun-setting some of them that don’t make a lot of sense.”

FCC: March 23 was Effective Date for Public File Access to TV Shared Services Agreement

According to a Broadcast Law Blog entry, the FCC released a Public Notice announcing that the rules requiring the inclusion in the online public file of TV station “shared services agreements” became effective on March 23 after it’s been approved by the Office of Management and Budget pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act. Agreements existing before the March 23 effective date need to be added to the file within 180 days.

The obligation for TV stations to put in their public file agreements between independently owned TV stations for shared broadcast services, including shared news operations, accounting staffs and other operational matters.

Statewide Tornado Drill Next Week

Gov. Rick Snyder has declared the week of April 8 through 14 Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week.  Broadcasters and Emergency Management partners statewide are encouraging Michiganders to conduct a statewide tornado drill at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 11.

Broadcaster participation will take place with an EAS Required Monthly Test at 1 p.m. on April 11.  As with all RMTs, the test will remind the public that in the event of a tornado, severe weather or other emergency, official information would have followed the EAS tones.

Broadcasters are also encouraged to promote the test and their role in relaying important information to the public when severe weather strikes.  This can be done on-air and through websites and social media.

On a voluntary basis, Emergency Managers may conduct a test of warning sirens and other drills.  Broadcasters are encouraged to contact their local emergency management personnel to get specific details on activities happening in their communities.

Here are links to important information for broadcasters for download:

Tornado Safety Packet
Radio PSA #1 (Outdoor Warning)
Radio PSA #2 (Tornado Drill)

The Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness has also published their annual Severe Weather Awareness Toolkit. The packet can be downloaded at

Thank you for your commitment to being preparedness leaders in the state and in your communities.

The Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division and the Statewide Tornado Drill Committee.