Innovation Stage Highlight: Expand Your Share of the Advertising Pie with Wedel Software

Jeffrey Kimmel

If traditional broadcast stations are going to hold on to and expand their share of the advertising pie they are going to have to go beyond just selling “spots.” And Wedel Software President Jeffrey Kimmel will take to the 2019 Great Lakes Media Show Innovation Stage to show you how.

His presentation will demonstrate how this is not a unique or unusual concept.  The challenge is how to effectively sell and manage multi-media campaigns.  How do we help our sellers understand how to effectively communicate the benefits of a multi-media campaign and, once the campaign is sold, how do we effectively manage it without getting lost amidst a convoluted array of software systems that a disconnected and difficult to navigate?  How do we make it simple for our sellers to focus on their job … SELLING … and then make it easier to execute the campaigns once they are sold?   What questions do you need to be asking and what should you be looking for to help your stations meet the challenge head-on and win?

The Great Lakes Media show will take place March 5 and 6 at the Lansing Center. Click here to register today!

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