MAB Chairman Ed Fernandez: You Can Make A Difference

(L-R) MAB Chair Ed Fernandez, Congressman Mike Bishop (R-8), and MAB Secretary-Treasurer Peter Tanz during February’s Call on Congress.

Dear MAB Colleagues:

If you have ever had a chance to participate in NAB’s annual Call on Congress, the one thing that strikes you the most is the value that the Congressional delegates place in local Broadcasters. While there are many forces working against our industry, they still understand our role and respect what we do for our communities. But that highly valued position cannot ever be taken for granted. We must continually be doing our part in developing relationships to insure that our legistlative leaders comprehend the challenges we face in serving the public. If we don’t do it, who will? Our members have consistently stated that one of the most important facets of what the MAB must do is monitor legistlative activity and maintain strong congressional relationships. I’m proud to say that the MAB, with Karole and Elena leading the effort, is well represented in that effort.

That all being said, we can’t rely solely on their activity to have impact. WE NEED ALL MEMBERS TO HELP. The MAB provides a number of avenues to create those vital contact points between Michigan’s Broadcasters and our Legislative leaders. Whether it is through the Call on Congress or at the Legislative Reception, held at the upcoming GLBC in May, the MAB works tirelessly to provide the opportunities to make those personal connections with our leaders. One of the most effective ways however, is to take the time to invite your Congressmen or Congresswomen to your station or visit them at their offices when they are in district. To aid you in that effort, download this 2016 Congressional Calendar that provides you when they will be back in Michigan so you can take advantage of that opportunity. If you are uncertain what to discuss, I would encourage you to reach out to Karole and/or Elena, who can provide you with the up-to-the-minute talking points that will make a difference.

Your involvement is crucial for the continued success of not only your station but our industry as a whole. The recent news events across our great state demonstrate the need for a viable, strong, and evolving Broadcasting industry. Your participation in the communication process to our elected leaders is needed as well.

Enjoy the Spring ahead!

Ed Fernandez
MAB Chairman
E.W. Scripps Company

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