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Thank You 2018 MAB Members!

Your MAB has many exciting things happening in 2018!  We are moving to a temporary location while our new building is under construction, we are launching a new website, there are Third Thursday webinars, the job bank website, legislative updates, political broadcasting webinars, Snack and Learns, celebrating 70 years of Michigan broadcasters and so much more!

If you have not paid your MAB dues, you could miss out on the many resources offered and you would not be included in the new MAB Online Directory only available to MAB Members and Associate Members.

Below is a list of the MAB members that have paid dues for 2018.  Thank you so very much for your continued support of your MAB and all we do.  We look forward to serving you in 2018!

(If your station is not listed, please contact Denise Weston at 517-484-7444 or [email protected].  Effective March 31, your station will lose member status and not be able to access MAB resources.)

MAB Television Members 2018
WTLJ-TV Allendale
WWTV-TV Cadillac
WWUP-TV Cadillac
WDIV-TV Detroit
WOOD-TV Grand Rapids
WOTV-TV Grand Rapids
WXSP-TV Grand Rapids
WZZM-TV Grand Rapids
WBKP-TV Ishpeming
WBUP-TV Ishpeming
WWMT-TV Kalamazoo
WILX-TV Lansing
WSYM-TV Lansing
WFXD-FM Marquette
WJMN-TV Marquette
WLUC-TV Negaunee
WNEM-TV Saginaw
WJBK-TV Southfield
WKBD-TV Southfield
WWJ-TV Southfield
MAB Radio Members 2018
WLEN-FM Adrian
WATZ-FM Alpena
WHAK-FM Alpena
WHSB-FM Alpena
WRGZ-FM Alpena
WWTH-FM Alpena
WZTK-FM Alpena
WCUP-FM Baraga
WGLI-FM Baraga
WNWN-FM Battle Creek
WCRZ-FM Burton
WFNT-AM Burton
WLCO-AM Burton
WQUS-FM Burton
WRCL-FM Burton
WATT-AM Cadillac
WKAD-FM Cadillac
WLXV-FM Cadillac
WCHY-FM Cheboygan
WGFE-FM Cheboygan
WGFM-FM Cheboygan
WGFN-FM Cheboygan
WMKC-FM Cheboygan
WQEZ-FM Cheboygan
WTVB-AM Coldwater
WDMK-FM Detroit
WDRQ-FM Detroit
WDVD-FM Detroit
WGPR-FM Detroit
WJR-AM Detroit
WPZR-FM Detroit
WCSX-FM Ferndale
WMGC-FM Ferndale
WRIF-FM Ferndale
WBCT-FM Grand Rapids
WBFX-FM Grand Rapids
WMAX-FM Grand Rapids
WOOD-AM Grand Rapids
WOOD-FM Grand Rapids
WSNX-FM Grand Rapids
WSRW-FM Grand Rapids
WTKG-AM Grand Rapids
WBCH-AM Hastings
WBCH-FM Hastings
WCSR-AM Hillsdale
WCSR-FM Hillsdale
WHTC-AM Holland
WYVN-FM Holland
WCCY-AM Houghton
WHKB-FM Houghton
WOLV-FM Houghton
WHMI-FM Howell
WJNR-FM Iron Mountain
WOBE-FM Iron Mountain
WFER-AM Iron River
WIKB-FM Iron River
WUPM-FM Ironwood
WIBM-AM Jackson
WKHM-AM Jackson
WKHM-FM Jackson
WKFR-FM Kalamazoo
WKMI-AM Kalamazoo
WNWN-AM Kalamazoo
WQLR-AM Kalamazoo
WRKR-FM Kalamazoo
WTOU-AM Kalamazoo
WVFM-FM Kalamazoo
WZOX-FM Kalamazoo
WFMK-FM Lansing
WHZZ-FM Lansing
WILS-AM Lansing
WITL-FM Lansing
WJIM-AM Lansing
WJIM-FM Lansing
WMMQ-FM Lansing
WQBX-FM Lansing
WQHH-FM Lansing
WVFN-AM Lansing
WXLA-AM Lansing
WMOM-FM Ludington
WFXD-FM Marquette
WKQS-FM Marquette
WMQT-FM Marquette
WQXO-AM Marquette
WRPP-FM Marquette
WRUP-FM Marquette
WZAM-AM Marquette
WLUN-FM Midland
WQLQ-FM Mishawaka
WCFX-FM Mt Pleasant
WMMI-AM Mt Pleasant
WCZY-FM Mt. Pleasant
WKBZ-AM Muskegon
WMRR-FM Muskegon
WMUS-FM Muskegon
WKLQ-AM Muskegon Heights
WLAW-FM Muskegon Heights
WLCS-FM Muskegon Heights
WVIB-FM Muskegon Heights
WWSN-FM Muskegon Heights
WJSZ-FM Owosso
WKHQ-FM Petoskey
WLXT-FM Petoskey
WMBN-AM Petoskey
WMKT-AM Petoskey
WHAK-AM Petosky
WZTC-FM Petosky
WBTI-FM Port Huron
WGRT-FM Port Huron
WHLS-AM Port Huron
WHLX-AM Port Huron
WPHM-AM Port Huron
WSAQ-FM Port Huron
WTWS-FM Prudenville
WUPS-FM Prudenville
WHNN-FM Saginaw
WILZ-FM Saginaw
WKCQ-FM Saginaw
WKQZ-FM Saginaw
WMJO-FM Saginaw
WSAG-FM Saginaw
WSAM-AM Saginaw
WBGV-FM Sandusky
WTGV-FM Sandusky
WHPD-FM South Bend
WDZH-FM Southfield
WFDF-AM Southfield
WOMC-FM Southfield
WWJ-AM Southfield
WXYT-AM Southfield
WXYT-FM Southfield
WYCD-FM Southfield
WSAE-FM Spring Arbor
WCSY-FM St Joseph
WCXT-FM St Joseph
WIRX-FM St Joseph
WSJM-FM St Joseph
WYTZ-FM St Joseph
WSJM-AM St. Joseph
WLKM-FM Three Rivers
WBCM-FM Traverse City
WCCW-AM Traverse City
WCCW-FM Traverse City
WFCX-FM Traverse City
WFDX-FM Traverse City
WJZQ-FM Traverse City
WKLT-FM Traverse City
WKLZ-FM Traverse City
WSRJ-FM Traverse City
WSRT-FM Traverse City
WTCM-AM Traverse City
WTCM-FM Traverse City
WPNW-AM Zeeland

NAB Pushing For A Green-Light For Online Auto Ad Disclosures

NABAccording to a report in Inside Radio, the FCC has given an unofficial not to an NAB push for online auto ad disclosures.

“They don’t’ see any reason why we couldn’t do it,” NJBA president Paul Rotella told Inside Radio “It would improve creative and it would be actually more informative because it would direct people to a website as opposed to that ridiculous disclaimer. It would be the most intelligent thing to do in terms of full disclosure.”

The National Association of Broadcasters has proposed the rules regarding auto leases and loans be amended to make radio more advertiser-friendly, stating in a filing that the flurry of disclosures read at the end of spots has made some advertisers, particularly automobile dealers, “reluctant” to use radio as a form of advertising because so much air time is devoted to the listing of terms and conditions.

Read the entire Inside Radio story here.

Your MAB in 2 Minutes

The MAB is testing a new communications service that will go out the last Monday of every month.  “Your MAB 2 Minute Update” is an effort to reach the goal set by members and the MAB board in their strategic plan launched last year to apply the most advanced modern technology to disseminate MAB communications and information to our members.  Please Let us know how you like it and what you’d like us to covered in our brief 2 minute updates.

The purpose is to give you the issue highlights on a monthly basis and occasional industry interviews in a brief fast paced media that will allow you to access it on your many devices.  Even when you can’t stop and read the Newsletter, you can listen or watch the “MAB 2 Minute Update.”  Our surveys show that many of our members rely first on the MAB for their industry information.

We can’t cover everything in two minutes, but we can remind you of what you need to know and then point you to the MAB website for more in depth information when you have more time.  MAB members may go to MichMAB.com click on Advocacy for for more industry-related  information, including topics highlighted in”Your MAB 2 Minute Update”

Thank you to Lila Lazarus, Lila Productions LLC for her help and assistance in putting together this new communications effort. 

Be sure to watch for “Your MAB 2 Minute Update” in your inbox next week. 

‘RAY BAUM’ Repack Funding Act Passes the House

According to a report in Broadcasting & Cable, the ‘RAY BAUM Act’ was passed the U.S. House unanimously out of the Energy & Commerce Committee.

The bill,  “Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act of 2018 (RAY BAUM), reauthorizes the FCC, allocates additional funding for the post-incentive auction repack and creates new funds for radio stations, low power TV stations and translators, none of which were included in the initial repack fund, set at $1.75 billion.

The bill establishes a new Broadcast Repack Fund that will cover full-power TV stations, as well as a Translator and Low-Power Station Relocation Fund, money for co-located radio stations affected by the TV station moves, the FM Broadcast Station Relocation Fund, and the Broadcast Station Relocation Consumer Education Fund, $50 million for driving awareness of the repack and the associated channel changes.

The money will be made available if the $1.75 billion is not enough, which the FCC has already said will be the case, even before adding funds for radio, LPTVs and translators.

House Committee Approves Drone Regulations

Legislation containing drone regulation recommendations from a 2016 task force has unanimously passed the House Communications and Technology Committee.

The package of bills was sent to the full house last week and contains recommendations from the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Task Force.

HB 5494 would establish a drone as an extension of the individual operating it if used to commit a crime, like delivering contraband to a prison via drone. HB 5496 would task the existing Michigan Aeronautics Commission with providing education and information to various departments, the public, law enforcement and other entities. And under HB 5497, a drone operate would be prohibited from knowingly interfering with the work of corrections officers.


Al Sharpton Joins WFDF

Rev. Al Sharpton

WFDF-AM (Detroit), the market’s only black talk radio station, welcomes Rev. Al Sharpton with his show “Keeping it Real.”

“Rev. Al Sharpton is the most iconic civil rights leaders of our time! I have known Rev. Al Sharpton for 30 years and I look forward to him joining our 910AM Superstation family,” says Kevin Adell, CEO.

“I’m excited about a big return to the Greater Detroit market. It is especially important at this point in our nation’s history to reach everyone with correct information and a megaphone. Kevin Adell and his team have done that at 910AM superstation and I’m glad to partner with them starting Monday,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton will be heard weekdays from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. beginning March 26.

Lyle Cifuentes Appointed WXYZ/WMYD-TV Digital Director

Lyle Cifuentes

WXYZ and WMYD-TV (Detroit) has appointed Lyle Cifuentes Digital Director of the two stations. Cifuentes was the stations’ executive producer of digital content before being promoted to her new position.

Cifuentes began her career at WXYZ in 2000 as a production assistant. She was a broadcast news producer before being promoted to executive producer of digital content in 2009. She has led the digital and social strategy for many of the station’s key initiatives including the North American International Auto Show, the Detroit Grand Prix and the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Cifuentes earned a bachelor’s degree in radio, TV and film from Wayne State University in Detroit.

WLUC Announces New Newscast

WLUC-TV (Negaunee-Marquette) has announced that it is launching a new half hour live news program, “TV6 First Look”, beginning April 23.  The program will be a production of TV6 News, and will be seen weekdays at 5 p.m. Eastern.

WLUC-TV Vice President and General Manager, Rick Rhoades said, “We know that our viewers here in Upper Michigan have an almost insatiable appetite for news about the U.P. ‘TV6 First Look’ will expand our local news footprint. TV6 has been Upper Michigan’s source for local news and local programming for 62 years. And, April 23 is significant because on that day in 1956, TV6 began broadcasting in the U.P. Looking forward, we feel that the future of local TV depends on expanding that localism. ‘TV6 First Look’ is part of a continuing effort to provide more local news to the viewers of Upper Michigan.”

“The expansion of the TV6 News with this new newscast is exciting. The program is called ‘TV6 First Look’. That’s exactly what it is—your first look at the news of the day from around Upper Michigan and what’s happening tonight and tomorrow,” said TV6 & FOX UP News Director Steve Asplund.

John Cook named Local Sales Manager at WDIV-TV

John Cook

WDIV-TV (Detroit) has named John Cook Local Sales Manager.

Cook most recently was the station’s National Sales Manager, a role he took over in 2016. He began his tenure at the station in 2012 when he joined as an Account Executive before becoming Digital Sales/New Business Manager two years later.

As LSM, Cook will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the local sales team and strategy.

“John is both a relationship builder and dynamic leader with a keen understanding of this market,” said General Sales Manager Gary Macko. “He has a great awareness of the evolving media landscape and with his diverse experience in digital, national and print sales, he’s the right person to lead our local sales team.”

Prior to joining WDIV, he spent the previous 17 years in the highly competitive print industry. As vice president for a regional direct mail magazine, he was responsible for market development, client acquisition and team building.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau (BBB), serving Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. He also sits on the Marketing Committee for the BBB.

Cook grew up in Tallmadge, Ohio, and is a graduate from the University of Akron. He moved to Detroit in 2004, and resides in Novi, Michigan with his wife Barbara and their three daughters.

MAB Partners with Dennis Baldridge for 2018 ABIP

The MAB has partnered with broadcast engineering veteran Dennis Baldridge to conduct its Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) in 2018.

The MAB offers ABIP through a  unique partnership between the with the FCC. Participating stations are able to receive a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections.  Once any deficiencies noted in the MAB ABIP Report are resolved, a copy of the three-year ABIP Certification granted to the station will also be provided to the FCC.

Dennis Baldridge

Dennis has been working in the field of broadcasting for over 35 years.  He is a Senior Member of the SBE and holds the following certifications:  CPBE, CBNT, AMD Specialist, 8-VSB Specialist, and DRB Specialist.  Baldridge holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and Amateur Radio Extra Class License (K0DB).

Dennis is a member of the SBE’s education committee, Technical Presenters group and has conducted many webinars as part of SBE’s educational efforts. He was the 2013 recipient of the James C. Wulliman SBE Educator of the Year award.  He holds a M.A.E and has taught science courses for Upper Iowa University.  As owner of Baldridge Communications, LLC, he works as a contract engineer and has also authored several articles for Radio Guide.   In 2017, he presented an 8 part webinar for the SBE titled RF101.

Since 2006, Baldridge has been an inspector for the Alternate Inspection Program of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.  He travels to radio stations throughout the state, verifying their substantial compliance to the FCC rules according to the FCC’s Self-Inspection Checklists.  Personal goals include educating broadcasters to help them understand the FCC requirements.

Not only is Dennis a well-respected broadcast engineer, but also a proficient musician. He holds a PhD in music, plays piano, trombone and harp and is a choral conductor.

Participation in the MAB Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is voluntary and is open to all broadcast stations throughout Michigan.  Note that MAB membership is not a requirement to participate; however a non-member rate will apply.

2018 ABIP inspections are now being scheduled. Contact Ann Walters at 1-800-YOUR-MAB or download the no-cost, no-obligation ABIP contract request form and return it to [email protected]